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User Info: FoolishKinG

3 years ago#1

Heres a video of me doing Aeronite on Normal on my First Playthough, I used the Piggyback Strategy Book as a guide to help me figure out how to do it. I think I executed the stategy near perfect so this may help others who are trying to do this on their first playthough with it

I show Garbs and my Accesories Used at the end aswell as what dropped and such

Basically you want to have a it setup like so,

Splendid Admiral - This is where you want Preta Hood that gives you 75% magic damage reduction, aswell as Runic ring for another 10%
-Imperial and Deprotect for Burn phase
-Guard and Aerora for Staggering and Guarding (Hopefully Perfect Guarding everything)
-Chaos Revenge Weapon(Wild Lands Main Quest Boss) for 75% quick Stagger when stagger wave is red

Soldier of Peace - This is you Stagger also aswell as Main damage for Burn Phase, You want Soul of Thamasa (Extra Magic Finale attack), White Strap (To guard agaisnt Fog which stops your attacks)
-Aerora as your stagging ability
-Light Slash+Heavy Slash(Atermis Arrow) for your main damage at end
-Demon Claw for 18% extra stagger potenial

Basically you want to Aerora in Splendid Admiral and do your finale in Soldier of Peace for maximum amount of hits.

Equilibruim+ (Which you get on day 13)
-Figher's Emblem/Wolf Emblem (15% str basically accessory)
-Enlister Glove(Skatan'e Last One) for 20% dmg when 2.5 near enemy
-Flesh Render(Reaver Last One) or Morgenstern, Powerful Str Weapon
-Defaith/Debrave 100% uptime on boss so you dont get oneshot by stagger 3 abilities like Hellfire and Chill and such
-Ruin to keep the stagger wave going and its low atb cost to let your other schema's recovery aswell as Attack for burn phase

The fight goes as follows,

Stagger 1 - Start of fight cast Defaith/Debrave, should cast them 2 times so they stick, he'll use -ra spells that you should switch to Splendid Admiral everytime to guard agaisnt, you want to use the combo of Aerora in Splendid and Aerora in Solider of Peace finale so you can maximize your stagger capability, After he does a few spells he'll use a spell called Megaton Break that he takes up to 5 or so seconds to charge up, use this time to keep doing your combo and when it zooms on to his head try and perfect guard it, and repeat cycle until stagger, When he gets red stagger wave try and use Aerora in Splendid Admiral as much as you can for the 75% Quick Stagger Bonus.

Stagger 2, He'll start using -ga of spells which hurt more alot more and need to be guarded agaisnt 100% of the time if you can help it, make sure Debrave and esp Defaith are up as he'll cast hellfire which will do full damage unless perfect guarded(normal guard doesnt work agaisnt this ability) but if defaith is up it should only do about 7k. Also he will use Megaton break but take longer to cast it giving you more time to stagger him

Stagger 3, Same thing but now instead of hellfire he'll use 4th tier magic spells like Chill, Tornado which have a good chance of killing you if you dont guard agaisnt him, repeat till staggerd.

Stagger 4, Boss will take 500% more damage, fall to its hind legs and only cast -ga spells which will have the potenial to one shot you. You really dont want this to happen because you have 3 minutes to kill him before he flys away and leaves so every second counts. You want to use an Enaro(wind) Potion which you can buy from Riffian and any bravery potions you have. Use all the ATB in Splendid Admiral to transform Bravery on switch. You're going to want to have full EP for overclocking, you want to stay in Solider of Peace and Light attack+Atermis Arrow for max damage, using the deprotect and imperial in Splendid Admiral and Attack in Equilbrium+. You have to guard everytime he cast a spell so you have to pay attention
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User Info: Ekser12

3 years ago#2
Where is the best place for him to spawn? I've fought him once early on and escaped and never saw him again.

This is the last quest I have to do.
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User Info: Dragon Quest 7

Dragon Quest 7
3 years ago#3
You can't go wrong with that map:

User Info: SealBlade

3 years ago#4
Seems like the more effective strategy is the Quiet Guardian setup most people seem to have figured out. Granted, when I first thought of it it out it took everything I had, I got zero stars, thought I didn't get the Falcon Crest for it (turns out I just didn't see it), reset, tried again, same result after more tries, and I was happy enough. But Psicomlite's strategy is damn near perfect.
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User Info: Deamonwarrior

3 years ago#5
What is the quiet guardian strategy?
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