So...who's really this series' villain? (Spoilers)

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User Info: Justwanttolook

3 years ago#21
Chronux posted...
Brakkis posted...
The primary villain throughout the XIII trilogy is Bhunivelze.

The universe of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series is divided in two: the Mortal World, the realm of the living, and the Unseen World, the realm of the dead. In the beginning, Bhunivelze had killed his mother, Mwynn, to take full control of the Mortal World for himself, and Mwynn was sent into the Unseen World.

Despite achieving his goal of total control of the Mortal World, Bhunivelze became troubled. He believed Mwynn had placed a curse on the realm of the living so that it would one day be destroyed. To prevent this, Bhunivelze sought to destroy his mother once and for all, but was unable to reach the Unseen World without giving up control of the Mortal World. To find the entrance to the realm of the dead, Bhunivelze created the fal'Cie deity Pulse, tasked with searching the world for the door to the Unseen World.

Bhunivelze soon created the fal'Cie Etro, but became distraught to discover he unknowingly created her in the likeness of Mwynn and gave Etro no powers. To replace Etro, Bhunivelze created the fal'Cie Lindzei, tasked with protecting the world and Bhunivelze himself. With the fal'Cie at work, Bhunivelze put himself into a deep crystal sleep, to be awoken only when the door to the Unseen World would be found.

Eventually Etro killed herself in an attempt to get Bhunivelze's attention and passed on to the Unseen Realm where she met Mwynn and was tasked with maintaining the balance between the two worlds. Lindzei created humans from Etro's corpse, the first of which was Yuel, who looked like Etro.

When she died and went to the Unseen Realm, she could not pass on as the other souls could and Etro, feeling bad for her, returned her to the Mortal World. Doing this gave Yuel the Eyes of Etro and caused her to begin the endless cycle of death and rebirth, which led to the creation of the Chaos. Eventually Etro tasked Caius Ballad with watching over and protecting Yuel in her many reincarnations. After seeing Yuel die countless times over the centuries, he grew to detest their fate and concluded the only way to set them free would be to kill Etro, and that's what he did.

So Caius was simply a victim that chose a path of violence out of his despair. Yuel was a victim that had no control over the creation of the Chaos. Etro was just trying to do what she felt was the right and decent thing, she cared for humanity more then anyone else. Lindzei and Pulse were merely tools created by Bhunivelze to do his bidding.

His arrival in Lightning Returns is because with the world coming to an end he can create a new Mortal World, one untouched by his mother Mwynn, and so he would have everything he wanted.

Isnt Mwynn still supposed to the in the realm? Why havent we seen or heard from her.
She created everything didnt she? How can she let Bhun kill her?? Isnt her powers greater?

Is death even permanent in this universe? Or does everything simply just go to the other realm, like in DBZ.

Mwynn being alive was just a assumption to explain the Black Haze in FFXIII-2. LR clearly states that this Haze is not Mwynn, as such it can be said that Mwynn simply died back then.
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User Info: King_Shortt_IX

3 years ago#22
Adult collectible. This is not a toy.

User Info: Hiatos

3 years ago#23
It's hard to say...

In FFXIII, the first real villain is Barthandalus, who wants to use Cocoon as a sort of slaughter-house so he can bring back the creator of the Fal'Cie. Progeny's role in the story is a bit like some of the previous bosses: hidden from view until the final battle.

In FFXIII-2, you could pin the villain role to Caius, but there's a bit of an odd flaw in that. The reason why he turned bad is because he has grown sick of always seeing Yeul die whenever the stream of time would change. Having Etro's heart has also made him immortal, but that ended up twisting him, as he couldn't bring himself to accept Yeul's fate. In a sense, rather than obey the will of the Gods, he decided to rebel against them and rip time apart to save Yeul from her own fate.

I haven't played the third yet, but my guess is that there isn't an actual villain per-se. In the series, all of the characters have a (somewhat) valid reason for their actions.

User Info: Chronux

3 years ago#24
GUessing Bhun is evil in this game because he wants humans to devoid of emotions because he thinks it causes too much misery.

Kinda like the movie Equilibrium, he wants to make everyone just a shell of a person with no emotions

User Info: Squareenixfreak

3 years ago#25
For me, it was always Snow being my villain for every damn time he scream "serraahhhh!"

God...seriously my ears bleed, even I'm a deaf dude

User Info: ColorSlander

3 years ago#26
Barthandalus and the other fal'cie were victims too. They just aren't sympathetic ones, and ones that turned into antagonists. Because unlike humanity, fal'cie aren't able to have any choice at all. It's also implied that their fal'cie creators (lindzei and pulse) created the instinctual love for a parent in them, and hit so that the fal'cie would become more determined to find a way to them.

Everyone in this game was in some way manipulated and forced into something they had no control over. The villains just chose to manipulate and destroy as a way to escape their fate.

The only person that had any control over themselves in Bhuni, and his issue is that him and humanity simply can't comprehend each other. Even Etros, who is all like "yeay people" can't understand them- so she gives out all these neat gifts and is completely confused when people start getting frustrated with her.

But Bhuni basically created a system of slavery from lindzei and pulse down to the fal'cie, who themselves created "slaves" out of humans. The only break from this was Etros, who gave people free will and souls.

Also, iirc, Yeul was reincarnating long before Caius. She's the first human created and was reincarnated almost immediately. I don't know why she's different from all the other humans that are reincarnated, or if the souls of Yeul before Caius are also part of the unseen chaos, but eh.

User Info: re_shot

3 years ago#27
Etro gave her eyes to Yuel and Yuel can see the future but with early dying curse. I think Etro gave her eyes to Yuel because Etro wants to observe to living world from unseen realm.

User Info: j-fielding95

3 years ago#28
I thought Bhunivelze was a pretty nice guy.

Lightning seemed the evil one to me, she didn't care as long as she saved Serah, she sounds just like Caius.
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User Info: Legendary_Musas

3 years ago#29
In XIII the villain was......the party, seriously.

All they had to do to stop cocoon from falling was to literally do nothing.

The party selfishly kill guards who are trying to protect people (nothing like saying Nazi's were just following orders), they terrorise the citizens of Cocoon on many occasions etc

XIII-2 and this game are basically just the fallout from XIII and would have never had to happen if the party just let themselves be crystallised.

User Info: VinCon01

3 years ago#30
j-fielding95 posted...
I thought Bhunivelze was a pretty nice guy.

Lightning seemed the evil one to me, she didn't care as long as she saved Serah, she sounds just like Caius.

Yes. The deity who decided to casually eradicate millions of souls by sacrificing an innocent person while consistently controlling and manipulating other innocent people towards this goal because he didn't want his "perfect" new world to be tainted is totally a nice guy, while the girl who fought for all of humanity's right to continue living while also trying to save her sister's soul is totally evil. That makes all sorts of sense in that it makes no sense.
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