Stuck at Ereshkigal

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User Info: bloodcoast

3 years ago#1
I can stagger it once, but I can't seem to stagger it the second time - running out of ATB and it gets a barrier up. Any tips?

User Info: xKitsunex

3 years ago#2
leave the dungeon is my tip. unless you are on new game plus you will not beat him.

User Info: whitemage82

3 years ago#3

The information from the collector's edition strategy guide helped me immensely. I just beat it, first play through, though I finished everything first. All quests, side quests, Canvas Prayers, and everything for me is extinct.

Good luck!

User Info: VanilleHopen

3 years ago#4
are you using poison.. POISON IS SOO GOOD in this game.. probably the best it's ever been in the entire series.
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User Info: MR_E_1

3 years ago#5
It took me 4 or 5 tries, but I beat him on my first play through on easy (barely...used every recovery item I had). I basically spammed him with aerora/aeroga/thundara/thundaga (one or more of those equipped on each character so I could switch back and forth and keep up the attack) to stagger him and then poisoned him when he was weak.

I also equipped an accessory item on one of my characters (forget what item it was) that allows your heavy slash to turn into an attack that steals the enemy's attributes (bravery, faith, etc) and used that to knock down his defenses/buffs when he put them up. I also used heavy slash to attack when he put up a barrier that blocked my magic.

Like I said, I barely pulled it off on easy, so, if you're playing on normal (or don't have a semi-full stock of recovery items), I'm not sure how much luck you'll have...but that strategy worked for me.

User Info: Zilong17

3 years ago#6
Set up Quiet Guardian to entirely resist magic, and give it Slow, Deshell, and Heavy Guard.

Your main attacker (I used Equilibrium+) should have Poison and Aerora, as well as a basic attack of some kind; the final ability I used was Imperil.

The secondary attacker (I used Dark Muse+ with Flesh Render) should also have Aerora and the Hunter Mask to steal Bravery/Faith from him, along with along with whatever else you need most out of it.

Give your main blaster Chaos' Revenge as a weapon for easier staggering, and give the other one Flesh Render; Femme Fatale is good for the jammer.

Accessorize to conserve EP with Dawn Bracelets and otherwise max magic/attack.

If you hug the far right wall as soon as you step in you can walk behind him and get the backstab, knocking 25% of his HP out right away.

/Immediately/ open up with Slow, and then cast Imperil. Keep casting Poison to keep it on him, and use basic attack to stay in the air; just one swing is enough. Alternate between the Aerora garbs to keep the pressure up, applying Poison, Slow and Imperil as needed. When he staggers, stay airborne; he gets afflicted with Fog and can only use his ground pound, so stay up high and blast him with Aerora like hell until he staggers again; pop Overclock and let him have it. When needed use Heavy Slash to steal his Bravery/Faith and get in some extra damage, and make sure to cast Deshell to counter his own shell. Once he uses Awakening the fight actually gets easier.

Doing this I was able to get a 5 star rating while on a first-run Normal. He's a pain and doesn't let up, but as long as you don't get distracted and keep on him he'll buckle.

The game provides you with a Refresher and Ether prior to the fight; I used the Ether in this scenario, along with one X-Potion. I suggest bringing several X-Potions, Phoenix Downs, and a couple of Mega Remedys if his debuff move bothers you.
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User Info: bloodcoast

3 years ago#7
Yes, I'm playing on normal.

I managed to get it down to 2/7.5 mil before I ran out of pretty much everything. Looks like I can grab that dawn bracelet for an additional 4 EP's. I can probably try to tune up some equipments too.

I know how to keep up the stagger on it now, but I'm not too sure about what to do during the stagger phases. How should I prioritize the debuffs at each phase? Poison, for one, doesn't stick until third or even fourth stagger. Do I spam overlimts at the third or fourth stagger? When in overlimit, what should I prioritize in order to maximize damage output?

User Info: bloodcoast

3 years ago#8
I did it; wow, my hands and face became numb after all that.

It's actually quite simple and easy once I got it down. I'll share my spoils; here's the setup I used.

1. Garb - Splendid Admiral
Weapon - Vulture, +ATB from the researcher camp forge in Wildland
Shield - +25ATB one from the same place (couldn't afford the +30 one).
Acc - don't think I had anything useful for this one

Heavy Slash

2. Garb - Equilibrium+
Weapon - that 950 attack sword with +10 atb from old town in first town
Shield - +attack from Yuushan
Acc - +15% strength with steal haste/bravery/faith
- increase damage when in close range

Heavy S
Light S (it isn't letting me post the word slash)

3. Garb - Al'automne
Weapon - Chaos something from Caius, allows faster stagger
Shield - the same +atb one
Acc - didn't put anything useful on this either


1. X-Potion
2. Pheonix Wing <- Unused
3. Pheonix Wing <- Unused
4. Pheonix Wing
5. Pheonix Tail <- Unused
6. Refresher
7. Ether
8. Ether
9. Ether
10. Ether

First of all, I didn't guard even once; by the time I finish, I still had two Pheonix Wings and one Pheonix Tail left.

First, entering the battle using (1), spam slow until it sticks. Switch to (2) to use light slash, immediately followed by aero a few times, then switch to (3) to spam Thundara and Aerora; switch back and forth to use up most the atb meter. Repeat once, starting from (1); when I do it right, I stagger it the first time around here.

Now, do everything the same as before but keep up imperli. It might put up a barrier against magical attacks, when it does, just use light slash. Eventually, it should stagger the second time.

Now, for (1), spam both slow/poison until both stick if possible. For (3), stop using Thundara/Aerora, spam Deprotect/Imperli instead. Once all the debuffs stay, attack with with light slash/attack of (2) interchangeably. When it goes into Awakening mode, you'll deal more damage. I didn't pay attention to it, so I just used overlimit as all debuffs are up most the time. When debuffs go down, I reapply them outside of overlimit.

By the time I used up my 8 EP's + 4 Ethers, it still had a bit of life left, which I easily took care of.

Anyways, thanks everyone.

User Info: BenignSeraph

3 years ago#9
Zilong's message was the easiest for me since I lack a bit of equipment. 5 starred that sucka at 6 and 1/2 minutes.

Its not so bad if ya come ready with some Phoenix Downs and a few potions. I did take an hour trying others setups and my own so I did have a bit of practice.

Dont give me up. Feed that dude some bad Taco Bell and he will be down for the count.

User Info: PizZa_SLiCe

3 years ago#10
Just challenged ereshkigal for the first time and ended up beating him at 9:38. I shouldve died but poison killed him before lightning fell to the ground so somehow i survived with 1 hp even though it showed 0. yeah I got lucky even though i sucked so bad at that fight. Maybe i couldve done better if I was prepared

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