If not for youtube, I feel, most of you wouldn't have beaten this game.

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  3. If not for youtube, I feel, most of you wouldn't have beaten this game.

User Info: CensorErik

3 years ago#1
Bhuni is one of the toughest FF bosses if you don't know how to beat him. That said, I bet, at least 90% of you, playing on Normal, for your first play though, had to refer to youtube, or some-such video help, in order to beat this game, initially.

This is to say, you probably played on EASY difficulty your first run if you beat this game with little effort. Jerk.

Hey, I'm not judging you, but don't pretend you did this all on Normal without any help. Liars. Lol. ;)

I'm so bad at Bhuni 4 it's ridiculous...HALP.

(Secret help me topic.) =/
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User Info: Iightningz

3 years ago#2
...No. I played on JP release in a language I can only basically read bits of, and didn't need a lot of help to beat Bhunivelze. MasterLL, Ladysoalluring(can't even read JP at all!), many of us went into the game entirely blind and beat him on the first try. Bhuni to me was a lot easier than the Chaos Chocobo Eater, stuff like that, and I can't see how hard can he get given that you even have Ultima Weapon.

That is no way to ask for help. It's just better to admit you're probably terrible(as I always do), than to accuse others of cheating.

Stop using crappy -ga spells and go full on Aerora or Thundara, use 4x overclock on his final form.
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User Info: axlman12934

3 years ago#3
You're funny. I only used my strategy guide for sidequests and enemy drop percentages.
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User Info: Cloud8690

3 years ago#4
I beat it on normal and one shot Bhuni without video help, but I did use Splits guide.

Anyways, Overclock when he uses that angel spell and spam -ra spells switching between your schemata to avoid getting a finisher. Should stagger him. Use 2 Overclocks if needed.
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User Info: Xepthrichros

3 years ago#5
Nope. I didn't bother looking at Youtube for Bhuni.
I did so for Ereshkigal... but not for Bhuni. When I faced Bhuni, I was thinking "is that all you can do? try harder... are you even trying.. wait, you are dead?"
I expected to lose but... I don't know why I lived and he died.

User Info: DarkSymbiote

3 years ago#6
I used this GameFAQs board to get help for Bhuni's final form, not YouTube.
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User Info: Karnage4208238

3 years ago#7
nope i beat him on my own my first playthrough on normal and i am the kind of gamer who does not like to be spoiled about what is going happen in a boss fight i am the trial and error kind of gamer i rather learn form my own mistakes and it try a million times then go watch someone else do it

and if you wanted/needed help you should of just asked not make some pointless topic about you assuming just because you cant do something that means everyone cant do it ether
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User Info: Deathscythex01

3 years ago#8
My first play through was on normal and used no guide whatsoever youtube or otherwise. Only thing I looked up on youtube was a faster way to beat Aeronite. My initial strat for fighting him took too long.

User Info: TBD2009

3 years ago#9
I don't like to look at strategy guides, "lets plays" and other "help" resources, until I've beaten a game, and I can say, I suffered through dozens (not figuratively, but literally) of attempts at that final form of his, and after two hours, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.

And, yes, I did it on normal, in my first playthrough. And, no, it was not easy... or fun. I didn't even get "1 star" when I succeeded, because I died three times, and almost died during his death animations. I was not prepared for that battle. >_<

You need to wait until he attacks you (guard it, obviously!), before you begin to build up the stagger bar. I didn't figure that out, even looking at the "battle tips" included in the datalog. That's "the trick".

Of course, even knowing that, he's still got a very resilient defense, and a very slow stagger bar... it's obnoxious, but you can do it.

One tip I have is to make sure you conserve as much of your EP as possible, and if you have Ethers, hold on to them until you absolutely need them. I kept finding Outerworld players selling Turbo Ethers, so I grabbed three of them, in addition to my Elixir I got for trading in a hundred Soul Seeds, and my usual compliment of two X-Potions, a "Nektar of the Gods Omega" (to get Bravery and Faith), and three Phoenix Downs.

Another tip, and as I found out the hard way, you can't steal any of his buffs... so don't waste your time with "Bravery Thief" like I did... save that slot for something useful. Also, if you have it, Soldier of Peace can be your best friend, when you do your "Overclock spamming" after you do stagger him (Artemis's Arrows can do massive damage, when you have Heavy Slash equipped on it). Don't waste your time with the Shadow Bind attack, though, because it did nothing to him... not that Daze would be all that useful on him, anyway.

Good luck.

User Info: xfreebird

3 years ago#10
I did beat the final boss without help, but I did it on my second try, not on my first try (after major schema adjustments).

He's definetly a hard boss but I might've gotten really good at this battle system.
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  3. If not for youtube, I feel, most of you wouldn't have beaten this game.

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