Square Enix announces FF XIII remake. Your thoughts?

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  3. Square Enix announces FF XIII remake. Your thoughts?

User Info: Reamur

3 years ago#1
How would you feel if they announce it? - Results (203 votes)
Excellent! More Lightning please!
47.78% (97 votes)
Ehh.. It's okay I guess.
10.34% (21 votes)
Toriyama.. You piece of ****!!
27.59% (56 votes)
I don't really care.
14.29% (29 votes)
This poll is now closed.
What if? Due to the negative reception the Lightning Saga has received, At E3, Square Enix breaks the news that FF XV and KH3 are getting delayed so that they could focus on the XIII remake? What would you guys think?
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User Info: CatMuto

3 years ago#2
Well I overall do not care for XV and I think Kingdom Hearts is a terrible game franchise overall, so I wouldn't care very much no matter what they focused on. As for a XIII Remake. Well I would hope it wouldn't be a remake, but more of an enhanced port, with the difference that there is no close up on the first Paradigm Shift during a battle and maybe Gil actually being dropped this tim around and not solely reliant on certain Item Drops.

Other than that, I don't think XIII needs any changes made, so I would overall not care all that much if they remade it.
Depending on what they'd change or alter, I might even buy it (again).

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User Info: finalfantasy94

3 years ago#3
The real question would be why.Its not really needed.

User Info: Havoku

3 years ago#4
You had me up until you said the other two games were being delayed.

The thing is, the less game being made at a given time, the more budget there is to work with between those games. So in hindsight, even if those two weren't being delayed in this hypothetical situation, I'd still probably not be all that happy about it.
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User Info: TrippyPBA

3 years ago#5
+1 TC. Laughed real good with this one
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User Info: Strider102

3 years ago#6
If I selected the first option would that count as trolling?
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User Info: Iightningz

3 years ago#7
3. Enough. Stop fixing the pencil smudge with your fingers.
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User Info: Billysan

3 years ago#8

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User Info: Strider102

3 years ago#9
Billysan posted...


I hated that movie with a passion. I theorized after that opening I could find more enjoyment beating my head off of a concrete wall.

Turns out my theory was correct. At least beating my head off a wall resulted in a woozy feeling that made me feel all funny. That movie just....no.
Strider is something of a god of equine necro-brutality. -Master ZED

User Info: Gaming_Esquire

3 years ago#10
Wow, I actually agree with Cat on this one. I would add to her improvements: cut down on the 20 hour tutorial. Ok, so the story still calls for 2 person parties for much of it, nothing can be done about that without changing the whole first half so they don't split up. But give us three roles earlier. Let us decide who is the party leader between the two. Perhaps change the Crystarium limits.

Second thought: maybe on the next gen systems they don't need to make it so corridor-ish. Give us bigger areas. Heck, make Nautilus or Palempolem a traditional RPG town with shops and NPCs you can chat with.

I love 13 and have played it 6-7 times. I'd love it even more of they made the tweeks Cat and I suggest.

Oh, and up the Vanilla moaning during fights. Can never have too much of that!
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  3. Square Enix announces FF XIII remake. Your thoughts?

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