So now that the XIII series is over and people have more or less calmed down...

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  3. So now that the XIII series is over and people have more or less calmed down...

User Info: YoshimotoBanana

3 years ago#1
What is your assessment on it? I think revisiting a series after its "era" can give you a sort of new perspective on it, for the better or worse.

I'd like to know, for example, what your stance is on Lightning as a character. People hold a lot of fiery hate for this character thanks due to how she was marketed or the statements Toriyama made about her. How would she stand now? by herself? apart from the controversy surrounding her? Is she bland, or just a decent character, after all?

Or perhaps it's still too early to go back and revisit this series?
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User Info: Jecths_Fayth

3 years ago#2
I've always seen her as a fairly decent character. I never understood the hate for her, but that's just me. She may not be the greatest but she fulfills her role well enough.
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User Info: Iightningz

3 years ago#3
I think her ubiquity is something that needs to be toned down.

Regarding how I feel about Lightning, I probably don't need to speak for myself.
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User Info: CatMuto

3 years ago#4
Yeah, XIII is now over and people certainly calmed down. Given the hatred I still see floating around for the XIII games, sometimes even done by people who haven't played the games, I don't think anyone has calmed down yet.

I find Lightning okay. She's not an overly brilliantly designed character, but still pretty decent. I liked her personality in XIII, when she was not above smacking someone when they bothered her (particularly Snow, well, only Snow, but you know what I mean) and overall being very focused. But she also had a slightly vulnerable side that was shown off and on, which showed her... well, as being vulnerable.

Can't say much for her in XIII-2 considering she was shoved aside as much as Sazh and about as important to the story, actually, as Snow.

In LR, I like her. I don't quite buy the idea that her heart was taken. She seemed a lot more sarcastic than in XIII, which I didn't mind at all. I liked it. As for the scenes where she supposedly couldn't show signs of happiness or similar, there were so few of them that it barely registered.

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User Info: King_Shortt_IX

3 years ago#5
Lightning is pretty bland, and I see her as failed attempt at SE trying to make a cool character. They tried to hard, and what we get is a characters with more style than substance.
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User Info: tcoll14

3 years ago#6
Lightning is okay character. I'm a huge fan of the XIII series either way. The lore, world, and mysterious nature of the series was excellent. Just leaves you alot to think about. People are just very critical of the final fantasy games in general. Everyone has their own opinions and I enjoy the good or bad as long as the argue has played the game (finished it).

User Info: Strider102

3 years ago#7
I wonder how much hate Noctis or future FF characters will receive in the future.
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User Info: tcoll14

3 years ago#8
Not sure they'll get as much as lightning. Toriyama's fault because of his open obsession of her.

User Info: LiquidGearSolid

3 years ago#9
I thought Lightning was kind of a so-so character in XIII, but in LR she became one of my favorite FF protagonists. I love how she constantly gives sarcastic remarks to quest givers, like the tear-selling girl in Luxerion.
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User Info: ColorSlander

3 years ago#10
I love Lightning and she's one of my favorite characters, and I've gone at length defending her before. Which is why I get frustrated with the way they handled her in the sequels. I liked her again in LR, but in XIII-2 they made her this weirdly, bad monologuing, overly wise higher being and ugh. It was frustrating as a fan.

I liked her again LR, but there were a lot of turn offs. She was great in a lot of the sidequests, where's a decent mix of empathetic, which I expected from her character development, and sarcastic no bs Lightning. But in a lot of the main story quests she drones onnnnnn about not having emotions and omg no emotions something's gone, gasp emotions, where r they. Also emotions.

That and as much as I love her, I don't play for just her, I wanted a party back. I liked Lightning because as "cool" and interesting she was, she wasn't overpowering to the plot and was very human. They took away that element, and it made her less interesting.
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  3. So now that the XIII series is over and people have more or less calmed down...

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