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User Info: mrawsh

3 years ago#1
I must be really bad at this game. I must be doing something fundamentally wrong. I think I need help!

I am on my first playthrough, playing blind, set it on normal (because I usually play games on default difficulty without any issue).

Thing is, I have been told I only have 1 day left to go and I haven't yet been able to complete a single main quest. I have done a bunch of side quests and canvas of prayers and progressed most of the main quests up to their respective bosses (haven't done a thing in the dead dunes besides set foot there). It is just that each boss absolutely destroys me!

I was kind of expecting Noel to be the easiest but even he kicks my butt. Even when I use magic he is supposedly weak to, I don't seem to do much damage at all. I think my best attempt I got him down to half health before I finally ran out of potions/EP and had to escape.

Surely these fights are not that hard. Why am I having such a difficult time? What have I missed out on doing?

I have been synthesizing my spells together until they are ready to level up, and then I have levelled up a bunch of them where I could (I now seem to have run out of whatever item it is you need to level them up). I also only seem to have one debuff spell - deprotect. I kind of feel like I should have acquired more of them by now, but none seem to drop

I never seem to have much gil, I don't seem to get much at all from regular fights (I mostly try to fight everything I see, though there are a few enemies that I run from because they destroy me too - usually the giant enemies, though some smaller ones give me a hard time too). The gil I do get I have used to buy either new garb or potions with.

Even though I have bought a fair few new garb, I don't really know which to use with what and so am possibly still using crappy starter garb (aside from that dress that you get in Yusnaan 'cos that seemed pretty good). Could this be what my problem is?

Also, I can never seem to afford new weapons/shields. They are way too expensive. So I have not purchased a single weapon, they must all be starter stuff or things that have dropped or been given as rewards in side quests.

I am really struggling so any helpful advice would be much appreciated. I have grown to largely ignore the time constraint because I am pretty much convinced I am going to fail and have to enter NG+ now anyway.

Many thanks in advance.
xbox live gamertag:- mrawsh. PSN ID:- mrawsh.

User Info: Moeman_

3 years ago#2
Yeah, that's your entire problem. You need to revise your Schemata, and you need to bite the bullet and start purchasing some equipment, definitely some spears and longswords.
"Be confident, think positive!"

User Info: mrawsh

3 years ago#3
Okay. I have fiddled around with my schemata. Please tell me if this is horrible. (I feel like I am doing worse now that I changed it).

Nocturne. sword- Scramasax and shield - Prytwen (wolfs emblem, thorn of courage)
Abilities - Fire Lv2, Light Guard Lv2, Attack Lv2, Blizzaga Lv2

Amazon Warrior. sword - liberator and shield - Juno Sospita (magicians Token, Runic Ring)
Abilities - Firaga Lv2, Guard Lv2, Speed Slash Lv2, Aerora Lv2

Passion Rogue. sword- femme fatale and shield - night lotus (mages turban, thorn of aggression)
Abilities - Deprotect Lv2, Light Guard Lv1, Poison Lv2, Deshell Lv2.

I am sure that this is probably some unholy mess. Any advice would be good. On the final day now, so if I ought to buy something, I can maybe sell some of those medals you find laying all over the place and buy some decent kit.
xbox live gamertag:- mrawsh. PSN ID:- mrawsh.

User Info: Moeman_

3 years ago#4
1. Can you upgrade any more of your skills to level 3? If not, level 2 should suffice.

2. Nocturne is good and all, but you should probably switch to a garb that has stronger locked abilities. Edit - Oh, it looks like Nocturne's locked ability is Attack, not Fire. Never mind. Can you swap that with a different ability?

3. Can you switch out Firaga or Blizzaga for Fira or Blizzara? Edit - And can you switch in Thundara at all?

4. Are any of your abilities' names gold? You should try to use gold abilities wherever possible.

5. It looks like Passion Rouge is primarily your debuff Schema. You should be spreading abilities equally between each Schema. Let me give an example on something better; I'll edit this post soon with examples.

Edit - Here's an example of something better.

Heavy Guard
Attack (Locked)

Amazon Warrior:
Guard (Locked)
Speed Slash (Locked)

Passion Rouge:
Deprotect (Locked)
Light Guard
Deshell (Locked)

Just by giving Passion Rouge something to do besides debuff, you gain a tactical advantage. You need to make sure you're using abilities until a Schema's ATB gauge is down halfway, and then switch. You don't want to wind up ATB starved and unable to attack.

Also, if you can get any spears at all, I would recommend switching Amazon Warrior's weapon. If you're locked into the Final Day, (i.e. the doomsday clock is no longer there) I understand if you can't get any spears. But they're extremely helpful with their stagger bonuses.
"Be confident, think positive!"

User Info: mrawsh

3 years ago#5
Thanks for these tips, I will definitely give them a go! I think I ought to be able to swap out for those you recommended.

I had been trying to assign the yellow skills as I understood they would be better. Still can't seem to do well against the bosses though.

I just tried Noel again quickly before I turned off and saw your post. I swapped out most of the spells for thunder based attacks. Managed to stagger him a number of times but he still doesn't lose much health. Again got him down to a little over half before I died. This seemed to take forever mind you.

I had also picked up a new weapon from shop in luxerion. Cost like 45k or something, can't remember what it is called but seemed to have much improved attack over what I was using previously.

I really don't know how people are bearing Noel on like day 3 and stuff. Are they all on ng+?
xbox live gamertag:- mrawsh. PSN ID:- mrawsh.

User Info: Moeman_

3 years ago#6
Noel, Snow, and the boss of the Dead Dunes actually increase in strength as the days go on. If you're not locked into the absolute last day, you might want to sleep until the apocalypse, take what you've got, and start again fresh.

What day are you on, anyway? Day 12?
"Be confident, think positive!"

User Info: Strider102

3 years ago#7
Mediguard is also helpful if you have it, it can help a little bit with healing. Also try to get the timing of perfect guard and perfect attack down as it can lessen/negate damage even more so, same with perfect attack causing more damage.

Another thing look around shops for buff potions, like Nectar of the Gods Omega (if you have completed that womans quests near the Yusnaan coliseum). There's also potions that give you like haste, protect, shell, etc. I can't remember their names though.
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User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#8
oh dear, since you hv amazon warrior, you are most likely on at least day 7. those 3 bosses powered up from then and they even give vet a run for their money on ng.

i would suggest restart. but if you want to try, know that the key to all battles are:
1. stagger with magic
2. double stagger with phy stagger moves if any
3. debuff and unleash. oc if need to.

User Info: kjcan1

3 years ago#9
Dont use two thorns unless you have the ability to heal yourself a lot ( like say chaining mobs that give you high EP )

Rough rule of thumb for mobs unless you are really good at taking them out quick is:

debuff, stagger, kill

In some cases you have to stagger before you debuff. Magic is the way to go for staggering until you get the really high end weapons.

Get Impril on them. Deshell helps too, but only use that if you have extra space. Lean towards a deprotect,impril and ( slow or curse ). This will make mobs vulnerable to everything you do AND slow them down.

User Info: kjcan1

3 years ago#10
You should learn the tougher mobs "rhythm"

Meaning, when they attack, how often etc. This will teach you proper guarding.

For instance, the earth earth. He roars before he physically attacks. So you learn a rhythm of:

hear roar
switch to guarding schema
hit guard

Learn how to guard cancel as well. Learn to fight first, then you can learn that hitting guard will cancel anything else. IE You can do a heavy slash, which has a big ole wind up and wind down. You can interrrupt it and immediately goto another attack.

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