Log: Locked abilities only challenge playthrough

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User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#1
hi, from my other garb topic, it inspired me to do such a playthrough which u just started. it'll be on ng normal no dlc.
i'll post an ingame day by day log on progress and maybe we can discuss abd share some strategies.

day 0:
- prologue, fought that four forced battles only. oops i didnt know that guard, blizzard and thunder are non-locked. :p

- think i broke my personal record on zaltys. 28s with all perfects on dark muse attack double oc.

day one later.

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#2
day 1:
- spent 4ep on 2 phoenix downs and 2 warriors potions
- finished all sq available except for zomok in luxerion (cat, carbuncle doll, soul seeds)
- head to yusnaan to get miqote, velvet bouncer and quiet guardian
- finished sq: food taster, pickett the thief and bought show ticket
- started free will and nectar quest so i need to remember to go back on day 3 for free will

currently on day 2 at wildlands.

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#3
day 2 wildlands:
main gear set up:
velvet bouncer with purple sword from ark
equiped with fighter emblem

electronica and its sisters depending on enemies
equiped with witch rosary

miqote with crimson blitz
equiped with wolf emblem

all weapons are replaced by shard blade

- killed chocobo eater. had to use 1oc and warrior potion
- dicked around wl finding chocobo feed and flowers
- completed sq: find father, hunter trails, fuzzy sheep, yeuls flower, fly to etro temple, research data
- started sazh's quest
- farmed three shard blades
- get the four element bracelet and witch rosary

currently heading back to luxerion to complete main quest

- all four element garbs at farm
- hunter of the wild and vengence at jagd

note: love fighting reavers with air trickery. but think i will save the last one later. might be too weak to outdamage its regen now.

User Info: inkubus922

3 years ago#4
Ur crazy, I wanna know how aero and erish are gonna be...

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#5
inkubus922 posted...
Ur crazy, I wanna know how aero and erish are gonna be...

yeah, i'm still thinking about how to tackle aeronite. main concern is the battle time.

btw. just killed luxerion boss now doing some new sq that opened up.

hunter of the wild with battleaxe
fighter emblem

electronica with shard blade
witch rosary
protect ring

miqote with shard blade
the resist wind damage accessory found in graveyard (first time using it after more than 500hours of playing! lol!)

too easy. 5star and 1:50s.
forgot to use warrior potion, if not could hv been faster. also could hv used shard blade instead of battleaxe for there was no need to steal buff.

battle goes like:
- 2 thunder+ and block
- 2 thunder+ and block
- h slash thunder+ spam to stagger
- 2 thunder+ and magic slash to launch
- air combo with magic slash and thunder+ then smite
- loser tried to buff himself but got stolen and died by the second h slash.

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#6
day 3:
- restocked one warriors potion in ark
- head to dead dunes
- got poisoned to use nectar mk2
- get star pendant
- get 2 tablets
- get silk scarf
- finished loupe, arimometer and vendor quest
- started adonis quest but did not complete coz i dont wanna hear fang whining when i leave and come back to dd

- head back to lux
- finished all sq except voices from grave, phantom rose, cried wolf (gotten remember to come back at midnight), tears, buried passion and ranulf

currently heading to yusnaan to do some sq and complete the main quest.

ps: sold over 100 abilities. fingers sore :(
if someone now tell me that theres a sell all option, i might flip a table.
gotten remember to constantly sell abilities to avoid this in future.

User Info: inkubus922

3 years ago#7
Haha ya the ability drops in this are ridiculous

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#8
day 3 continued:
- at yusnaan and finished up sq: songstress, trumpet boy, advanced free will and gotten miracle nectar
- get locket pendant
- went through industrial area and thought that cyclops would be hard. in the end i never got to smite it as he dies on the launch hit
- gotten fireworks from the two quests and midnight mauve

- head back to lux to finish up sq, voices, phantom rose and cried wolf
- bought nocturne coz i went and use back equilibrium on those packs of gremlins before

- head back to yusnaan and completed the main quest

yusnaan boss fight:
- 5 star 35seconds. but i spam oc and did remember to use warrior potion. could hv been faster if i, again, used shard blade instead of battleax

hunter of the wild with battleax
fighter emblem
protect ring

midnight mauve with shard blade
magician token
runic ring

miqote with shard blade
frostchoken (first time use again)
flame bracelet

fight goes:
- 3 fira and block
- 3 fira and boss do anti cast
- magic slash to stagger
- warrior potion and spam oc with magic slash perfect into h slash
- boss dies during 3rd oc

on to day 4

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#9
day 4:
- decided to make it a sq day
- started at wildlands
- finished dog and doctor, mother and daughter, matchmaker and legendary food

- head to yusnaan via luxerion
- finished every sq except for free will in yusnaan
- advance tears and buried passion
- bought cyber jumpsuit just for the hell of it

- while going to get soul of thamasa, got ambushed by the omega reaver.
- good thing i was all set up to fight reavers.
he's so much tougher than the two bossess i faced
- almost all damage i put out he heals right back while my atb charges. even the combo of lauch, thunder+ magic slash and then blitz hardly put a dent on him. not sure if his regen even wears off.
- got no choice but to warrior potion, oc and blitz spam him on the next stagger. he dies in one oc
- there's a lovehate relationship with the chocobo in this fight
- love cause he heals me and cast protect
- hate when his fatass block the camera or block my path when i am avoiding diving strike

unsure about the score but will check once i go back to ark

will take a break and start day 5 at dead dunes tomorrow.

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#10
thoughts so far:
- very fun playthrough. reminded me of my newbie days.
- blitz+locket pendant is very useful
- miqote is a godsend because of guard and attack in one garb. just wished it was any other guard instead of mediguard. the atb cost is too high.

- confirmed that flood and flame deals more damage the higher the magic stat.
tested on goblin. 6k dmg v 7k dmg with magician token equipped.
no change with wolf emblem; still 6k dmg
- but like all tier 3 spells, they are not very useful
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