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User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#21
day 10:

miqote with morgensten
locket pendant
dawn gauntlet

midnight mauve with chaos revenge
silk scarf
white strap

quiet guardian with whatever weapon you like
preta hood
runic ring

3 ethers used, 1 phoenix down and 2 nectar of god omega

0 star, 4:33

i didnt save coz i want to do some minor adjustment and try again

fight goes:
- usual strategy. fira and switch to qg when its spell is near. then continue fira till atb gone and find a window to oc
- block its magnet, perfect block its megatron charge and keep guarding after
- certain death if hellfire comes even if perfect blocked
- once final stagger done, nectar of gods and magic slash. switch to qg when its spell is near. when atb used up, find window of opportunity to oc.
- thats it!

note on retries:
- try using the reduced atb cost accessory on stagger garb to see if its better
- try using electronica with +maximum atb accessory and compare the stagger time against ra spells garb

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#22
aeronite retry:
- much better with sparrow comb (reduce atb cost)
- 4 stars, 4:42
- 2 ethers used and 2 nector

- everything the same except silk scarf changed to sparrow comb

- correction on hellfire. can survive if close to full health and perfect blocked.

- i'll take this win

- will try to finish as much canvas as possible and pick up two more ethers from wildlands and yusnaan

- 3 more sq to complete. free will, skeleton and talk to aeronite quest giver.

- dont think i'll hv any problem with the other two bosses now. consider this an early successful challenge playthrough!

note: electronica with sparrow comb /max atb+10 performed much worse than midnight mauve

User Info: inkubus922

3 years ago#23
Nice, that time on aero is awesome, I like the setup too. I haven't tried using fira on him; gonna have to use it next time.

User Info: BaKuRi

3 years ago#24
hmmmmmmm, Was there a reason you didn't try L'autome for Thundara rather than Fira? It's a small difference but I guess I'm just habituated to defaulting to Thundara as the spell of choice for enemies with no outstanding resists/weakness

Also, I'm just a wee bit proud you've used Double Jump in quite a few fights. It's one thing to succeed in game with a strategy you discovered but it's another thing to see someone else succeed with your suggestion. I can feel my ego expanding as I speak

That Aeronite fight is better than my first Aeronite kill, 8 minutes on the dot, zero stars 2 X-pots 1 pheonix wing 2 Nektars and a Turbo Ether

I was busy working on my "project" (Obtain at least 1 copy of every skill possible, maxed, as well as all items/weapons/shields/garbs/accessories and complete every quest excepting the rare case where completing one quest fails another... and do it in a single NG on normal. I've sold around 400 death heralds for the gil needed for this, and just about every species has to be carefully managed to ensure drops. lots of reloading. So I do a bit here and there inbetween doing less... insane things.)

But if I wasn't busy I'd have said perhaps extincting a few species for accessories like warrior hunter's mask for Brave Thief without being tied to the Believer which would allow you more oomph from Hunter of the Wild.

And when you extinct those skeletons, Deprotect Hunter coming from amazon warrior is pretty high DPS (though it wont last long since speed slash can tear through atb like nothing.... Maybe sparrow comb could be useful here?
PSN: Cleave_Wizard :: DD:DA Pawn Grack - Sorcerer lvl 50(ish)
PSN: Wizard_Cleave :: DD:DA Pawn Greg - Warrior/Fighter lvl 200

User Info: travisl20

3 years ago#25
nice job
you bet ur life i'll bet mine

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#26
thank you guys.

bakuri, i did try la automne on first failed attempt. i used midnight mauve, la automne and miqote. it was terrible with just one defend garb. had to burn through all my 5 ethers and 1 turbo to get to the final stagger. then i just cant continue because there's no more atb. decided to just use mm because of the starting atb.

was also thinking about getting bandit scarf but it was just too boring to farm the sahagins to use the equip for just two more fights.

currently, i at the most boring part of the game: farming for monsters' part for canvas quests.

will update more later.

User Info: TrueTrinity

3 years ago#27
Sounds like hell...

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#28
TrueTrinity posted...
Sounds like hell...

not as bad as it sounds. its really a very fun challenge.

day 10-11 farming:
- done most of the canvas
- collected the 2 ethers at yusnaan and wildlands
- completed free will
- extinct cactuar
- collected a total of 100 soul seeds and received elixir

- candy raver garb
- demon claw spear
- hades pride sword

day 12
- lightning decided to take a well deserved rest and slept through the whole day at her favourite inn at luxerion north station.

day 13 bonus dungeon:
- received the three + garbs
- currently heading into bonus dungeon
- had captured a screenshot from the faqs here to see which floor to skip so i can get to the bottom faster

note: had anyone here been so lazy that you teleported from augurs quarter to yusnaan station? lol

User Info: inkubus922

3 years ago#29
You're doin work, some of those omegas could be tough.....but just 2 more bosses to go.

User Info: jeffheng

3 years ago#30
inkubus922 posted...
You're doin work, some of those omegas could be tough.....but just 2 more bosses to go.

you said it! skeleton and skatane were insane.

day 13 9:15am:
- 5 stars, 1:32
- used 1 ether and 1 hero potion

la automne with hades pride
witch rosary
thorn of speed

urban outlaw with chaos revenge
falcon charm
dawn gauntlet

miqote with morgensten
fighter emblem
thorn of will

battle goes:
- fly up with a magic slash
- alternate the 4 ra spells with some magic slashes without finisher inbetween
- needed one oc to finally take it to last stagger
- hero potion, magic slash and oc spam with an ether once ep ran out
- luckily i staggered it in time before it can cast protect and shell

currently will go back to every floor to kill all last ones. still have to collect the refresher and another ether in there.

notable last ones:
- skeleton 3stars, 2:03
- skatane 4 stars, 1:08
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