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User Info: ssmiroku

4 years ago#11
Hard = 69:10
Harder = 66:25
Hardest = 61:05
Hardester = 79:33
Hardestest = 99:20
Hardestestest = 66:02

correction, i just now finished hardestestest. I'm feeling like a million bucks
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User Info: deaddays

4 years ago#12
@ ssmiroku
Congrats! That's amazing! I'm having THEE hardest time with Hardest! I'm close, oh so close, but I just can't seem to seal the deal! I had a killer run on Hard the other day though! SO MUCH FUN.

Hard = 168:47 (!)
Harder = 87:27
Hardest = 56:05
Hardester = 82:25
Hardestest = 41:49
Hardestestest = :( <- I'll get there SOON!

User Info: Fishbulb

4 years ago#13
Great job guys,

Still climbin!

Hard = 72.01
Harder = 63.12
Hardest = 14.48
Hardester = 16.56
Hardestest = 20.00

Is it me, or does your guy move faster in Hardest than the other modes?

I'm having a real hard time not over-steering and I've noticed overall scores tend to be lowest in that level.
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User Info: deaddays

4 years ago#14
Oh, totally. Your arrow moves much faster on Hardest in order to compensate for the accelerated speed in which the obstacles are being hurled at you.

I had a monster "over-steering" problem too (and still do sometimes), but like anything, you get used to it through repetition. I find it helpful to not switch modes when playing Hardest to let my brain really get used to the speed of the arrow. Also, use really light taps to get through those rapid-fire obstacles (you know the barrage of little sticks I'm talking about). Good luck, friend!

Since I posted my times yesterday, I got hell-bent on beating Hardest mode and finally did it last night! Regrettably, it unlocked Hardestestest mode which is a nightmare come to life. Also, beat Hardestest this morning with a thrilling 100 second run! I was so in the zone -- I pep-talked myself through seconds 60-100 in order to stay sharp! My co-workers must have thought I was going mad.

New times:
Hard = 168:47
Harder = 87:27
Hardest = 62:51 (Finally!)
Hardester = 82:25
Hardestest = 100:19 (Woo!)
Hardestestest = 18:43 (< Hard-earned)

User Info: Ghostronic

4 years ago#15
Just picked this game up.. wanted to post my times here for future posterity and maybe get more discussion going!

Hard = 81:24
Harder = 66:24
Hardest = 22:34
Hardester = 21:06
Hardestest = 13:14
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