Best / fastest way to level?

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User Info: Warugi

4 years ago#1
I'm currently level 20 and have a Mastermind / Tech build. I went up tech and grabbed faster drilling and then got extra zip ties and increased XP from Mastermind. What would be the best / fastest way to level up? On a semi related note, is it possible to "stealth" with my current build or is Ghost absolutely required?

User Info: Hassun

4 years ago#2
Straight to the pointless.

User Info: purerage

4 years ago#3
Actually read this topic first:
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User Info: o311rocks

4 years ago#4
UK job with C4 is super easy and fast on overkill, but the XP isn't enough at later lvls. Im like lvl 59 and its taking over 100,000 xp to lvl, and UK job on overkill is like 12-14k xp. Nightclub on overkill is also pretty easy with the drop truck at lower levels. Seems like for higher lvls it's better to grind the longer pro job heists. Firestarter, Watchdogs, and Framing Frame are all fairly easy to do with a good group of players. Pro bank jobs aren't too shabby either.
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User Info: veralece

4 years ago#5
Fail rats is the fastest.

User Info: Konfuzion0

4 years ago#6
+1 for failing pro overkill rats.
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