Is this a difficult game?

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User Info: G-Ziss

4 years ago#1
How tough are the enemies? And what happens if you die? Do you have a certain amount of lives?

User Info: PavlovaOfFear

4 years ago#2
1: Relative to your armor. In the beginning you'll want to stay away from them, but as you progress they become easily farmable and then an annoyance.

2: In Normal, you only lose half your cash on you - this can be circumvented by putting excess money into a chest. In Difficult, all your items drop when you die. (minecraft style)
In Hardcore you only have one life. Normal is recommended for beginners.

3: Infinite, except on Hardcore difficulty.
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User Info: mitch102

4 years ago#3
Lives depend on what you pick when you make your character. You can either have

Drop half of money on death
Drop all items
Character is deleted
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User Info: hellzyaaahhhhhh

4 years ago#4
hard mode (after you beat WoF) is were it gets harder begining you can basicly tank out hits with your armor it gets you used to tanking hits

in hard mode you have to learn to dodge hits

normal game settings when creating a person can make game harder/easier

i like only loseing some coins that could easily be put in a chest for safe keeping others
like playing were if you die you lose items/ more extreme 1 life
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