Would like to play with more people

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User Info: KnightRoad

4 years ago#1
I've played for about 2 weeks now. I just killed the big eye for the first time, and he just randomly popped up. I have all the starting armor sets up to Gold, and have at least 5 npcs in my little town. I just started getting down to hell, but my Gold sword doesn't really cut it. I've made a demonite axe on accident when I was trying to see what I could craft with demonite ore by talking to my starter npc, and my axe was born lol. Well, I feel like I'm at the point where I need to start killing bosses, goblins, do events, etc. If anyone would like to help/join me, and teach me a few things that I may have missed, please let me know. Oh, I would like to start using Ranged weps, and magic if possible..

Sorry for this much text lol

Thank you for your time,

User Info: xBrokenShadowzz

4 years ago#2
Add me on xbox GT: xBrokenShadowzz
I would like to start a brand new world and player :) would you like to start fresh with me?

User Info: BTips

4 years ago#3
GT in sig
PSN BTips_ /GT: Prototype BTips/NNID: GamerBTips (message me on GF if you want to add)
FC: 1075 - 2163 - 7707

User Info: Stiqetastic

4 years ago#4
You offered to help with my corruption project, I still have yet to hear from you as far as getting your gamertag from you! I left you mine as well and even PM'd it to you!

Like I said, I'd love to help you out / play sometime, but I really can't do that unless you post your gamertag, or message me on mine! (which is in my signature, still)
XBL: Stiqe

User Info: KnightRoad

4 years ago#5
Sorry about that hahah, GT: Blade Jackson, and I'm putting it in my SIG :)
GT: Blade Jackson

User Info: spideyredx

4 years ago#6
Hey, you can add me: "CyberFire XZ". I'd love to help with pretty much anything and I don't really have any terraria friends yet.

User Info: TrueHeero69

4 years ago#7
Ill get up on this... I prefer to join others however...
Name in sig

Anyone can add me
Xbox Live Gamertag: Heero69
PSN: lucius_paine. N3DS: Heero 1891-1168-6775
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