A stomp in the face for Bayonetta fans

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User Info: Solar_Crimson

4 years ago#31
Bare or sandals, to the OP.
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User Info: AwesomeAshley

4 years ago#32
Bump, just so a topic that isn't about crying like whiny babies about Nintendo can get on the front page.
You better be afraid of the great Ashley!

User Info: potionsmaster

4 years ago#33
Bayonetta can do all sorts of things to me :D

Bring it!

*takes a sexy Bayonetta pose*
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User Info: EJW

4 years ago#34
I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

User Info: Hawke0

4 years ago#35
Awkward level +20
Awkward level is now 20
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User Info: Captain_Fetish

4 years ago#36
Hawke0 posted...
Awkward level +20
Awkward level is now 20

Mission accomplished.
Fetish Kick!

User Info: Hotel_Security

4 years ago#37
its not a bad game but its pretty much the same game over and over just with a different storyline and ending but ends up very much similar to all of its other games.

You say this like it’s a bad thing? Should they change it into a platformer or something? There’s something to be said about gamers liking a certain game and then a developer just giving them more of that great thing. The folks who always want a series to change and innovate are the same ones who will complain when they change too much and screw it up.

Wow… “Captain Fetish”…I appreciate the dedication to fetish topics. Now where’s my Futa Bayonetta art?
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