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User Info: DrRM

5 years ago#11
Name (Oreo stick cream shooter)
Weapon Type (gun)
Weapon Placement (pants)
Perfume (it smell nice)
Battle Method (strong, fast)
Attack Charge (more of it keep coming out)
Climax Spin (the shots go everywhere)
Quirk (no)
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User Info: Hotel_Security

5 years ago#12

Better than the Halibut?

User Info: Rennik Repotsir

Rennik Repotsir
5 years ago#13
Name: Chúi

Weapon Type: Chúi

Weapon Placement: Hands.

Perfume: Cologne and Mousse.

Battle Method: Thrust attacks always critical/double. Combos limited to two consecutive thrust attacks or one thrust attack if thrust proceeds two or more consecutive slash attacks.

Attack Charge: Weapon can be thrown at: attack = attack * 1.5

Climax Spin: Spin with arms and weapons extended

Quirk: Must retrieve if thrown. Auto retrieve if player leaves section. Nearest obtainable spot if thrown out of bounds. Hair can retrieve (if Utab hair control is available). If only one Chúi is used (other thrown but not retrieved); Chúi is used with two hands; attack = attack * 1.5; magic gauge recovery = magic gauge recovery * 1.5. Single weapon combos limited to half of numbered hits. Thrust attacks random (50%) critical.

Wicked Weaves: (hair shaped Chúi instead of tree trunks, must have two in possession, no free hat). Single weapon: giant Chúi drops from above.
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User Info: youngbro

5 years ago#14
Hurricane Blades

Dual swords, shoot tornados outta them

UZI machine guns for her hands and feet

Lazer Hoola Hoop

360Y move will make it spin around her who body like a shield attacking anything and defending herself
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