Game Style? Group focused like Tri?

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User Info: Phail_ed

5 years ago#1
Simple - Guild quest style question.

Will MH3U force group play for same HR level guild quests like Tri did? Or will it be tuned more around everything being realistically soloable like the PSP versions of MH.

I put around 3000 hours on the psp versions and loved it. Kia'd a bit for fun, but enjoyed MH more for the solo challenge then the (more often then not) anoying group play.

I looked forward to Tri, but found the online grind and forced grouping to be a huge turn off for me. Taking 50 minutes to clear my first clear of Dual los/ian with an ideal setup and on par ancient hammer wasn't fun (I refuse to group for first time clears), nor "farmable"

I'm curious what kind of style this game will follow. Since it's basically a 3DS game, I hope it follows the PSP path of solo focused 15-20 minute G rank clear times.
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User Info: DLOArceus

5 years ago#2
If you disliked the "forced grouping", and prefer to solo, why didn't you posted in the 3DS board?
Also of course it can be easily soloed since it's a portable game. It was always like that, anyway. You get until the final level of G-rank like the portable games, then you grind like console MH.

Also again, "forced grouping"? Yeah, no.
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User Info: Phail_ed

5 years ago#3
Group focused as far as PSP to Wii's Tri version is considered. Obviously it was all "soloable".

If you can't see what I am talking about, you never played both games much.

And you didn't answer the question, you just spewed e-peen "Oh ya its all solo nub". (which I expected from these boards)

Will G rank monsters have Hp levels like PSP versions or HP levels like Wii's TRI. - Simple.
~It's ok Pluto, I'm not a planet either.~

User Info: UlNin

5 years ago#4
TC, are you asking about health values for 3G G rank? If so, the reply you disparaged had some great advice for you - ask on the 3DS board. If instead you want to know how MH3U will be balanced a full half year before release and are all huffity puffity "that's what I expect from these boards"... Well I hope it's the latter, because this might get entertaining.
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User Info: Stefan1277

5 years ago#5
Simple fix! get a 3DS and be good at the game.

Second fix if you do go for Wii U, make friends. I know I know, gamers these days love to stay indoors and have no real friends, but it's not so hard. Get a friend or two and multiplayer will become a lot better. Forget strangers, get friends on board.
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