The only thing I dislike about Monster Hunter games...

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User Info: Ecclesiastes273

4 years ago#11
I chuckle every time I see a Desire Sensor BAW post. I get what I want exactly when I want it 90% of the time, and 9% of what's left fits within the predictable ranges. If I find myself in a situation resembling a grind, I enjoy the hunt for what it is, or move on.

The fact that the lowest odds are stackable 1-2% chances, for encounters that are guaranteed and spammable and speedrunnable, for gear that isn't even far and away THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST compared to what's available otherwise, really says a lot about the MH fans who can't stop sobbing. Or finally get that Lao Heavenly and make that ******* KO Dragonsword.

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User Info: FamliarStranger

4 years ago#12
>Lowest odds are 1-2% chances

Ah, but the more you want it the lower the drop rate goes from there. Desire Sensor wants you to cry.

Personally, I'm more annoyed by those times when you really need another common Jaggi Hide and the blasted thing adjusts its drop rate to 1% when it's supposed to be something like 60%, preventing you from finishing that cool new armor you already have all the rare materials for.
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User Info: GoldenFox98

4 years ago#13
Meh, still infinitely better then the literal one in a million drop rates of PSO on the Dreamcast.
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User Info: CatToy

4 years ago#15
sheimi12 posted...
Those drops best be worth it... that statistic is pretty absurd

If you had the item legitimately, it was a warm and fuzzy feeling. Except nobody else cared because everyone duped, and you had no way of proving you didn't.
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User Info: Ecclesiastes273

4 years ago#16
Missed this before.

MasterChief646 posted...
Kromlech06 posted...
Alright then I will.

I've played PSO, and those drop rates are 1/22,000 on a monster that only spawns 3 times per 30 minute run, and there is nothing the player can do to increase those chances like in MH.

I still find monster hunter drops ridiculous sometimes, obnoxiously so.

Think that´s bad? when i started playing MHP3rd, i killed 26 Jinougas/Zinogres to get a plate for the armor, and another 7 to get other for mah hammer, and now that ive started from scratch, it took me 32 Rathalos to get a single plate, and when i finally made the full set, i killed one more to upgrade my DS, and he gave me 2 f*ing PLATES in the rewards.

Desire Sensor is indeed BS at times.

I have no ******* clue how what you said compares in any way to 3/22,000 over a 30 minute instance.

Now, if you're terrible at MH and a Jinouga/Rathalos takes you 45 minutes and/or several attempts, you may be on to something.
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