Nintendo needs to jump in on this one...

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User Info: PedroMontana

4 years ago#11
AvatarOfBagan posted...
Complaining about the No Off TV Play?


If you don't want to play the game on the TV, get the 3DS version.

The point of Off-TV play is not to completely replace a handheld (that would be horrible for Nintendo), but to be able to play the console game you bought without having to occupy the TV.

And that is all the functionality i need, as i do not play video games outside of the house, but i live with my girlfriend who often wants to watch girly TV shows/Blu Rays when i want to play.

I don't want to buy a 170€ hanheld and a 40€ game when i'm not playing when i leave the house anyway, and considering Nintendo and many game developers consider Off-TV play a selling point i'm sure i'm not alone with my opinion.

ALL PS360 port/multiplatform games and most exclusive Wii U games support this feature, yet Capcom doesn't include it in this port of a 3DS game that is an upgrade to a Wii game?
That's either extremely lazy or extremely greedy (if Capcom thinks they can use this to encourage people to buy both versions).

No More Heroes

User Info: Dark_Link92

4 years ago#12
It is a lazy port (typical Capcom), and two of the features they excluded would be great for me. Miiverse would be amazing- think about it: a quick post saying "Hey, anyone wanna help me with Bracchidios quickly, please?" you get some response, maybe have a quick video chat to discuss tactics, then go online and kick its ass.
Also, I love Monster Hunter, and my Wii U will be set up in my living room, but my family can't stand the game. I would love to have Off-TV play so I can play without pissing off the rest of my family.
I'll keep optimistic that both of these things will be added in an update, though.
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User Info: Charski

4 years ago#13
mhunterchump posted...
themoth2112 posted...
No miiverse support? Are you bloody well kidding me?
This is would the PERFECT game for it!
Nintendo should have a ruling that every game released on the Wii has to have miiverse support, just like 360/ps3 does with trophies.
Seriously, this is just lazy from the developers!

I'm not a fanboy crying or anything, I'm just saying that this is one of the best oppurtunities for Nintendo to show off how big miiverse can important miiverse can become and it's foolish for them to not push it.


Wow, the internet grabs something and totally takes it out of context and then gamefaqs blows up over nothing.

The questions is being miscommunicated.

Here is video proof:

You can clearly see the Cha Cha symbol on the Miiverse screen:

so, it does have miiverse then. good :)
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