The difficulty has me turned off on this game...

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User Info: Beysus

4 years ago#11
Dark Souls is not hard, you just need patience (and a tower shield).

But yes, you can do all that in MH, plus online, if you are stuck, you could join a group and make your way through the game, while learning everything you need nad having fun, of course.

User Info: dominatinggamer

4 years ago#12
What pisses me off most in this game?
Trapping monsters for quests.
1) I've had my (last 3) tranq bombs get thrown over the monster's head 3 times in a row while it was trapped and I was right in front of the dumb thing
2) I had 3 traps. First trap, the monster hit me somehow before getting trapped and it took my character 20 years to stand up - monster of course was out of trap by then. I set 2nd trap, monster falls in it but it was impossible to tell if it was in the trap. Results in tranq bomb hitting right after it wore off. 3rd trap, monster strafes around it and exits the area never to return.
3) you set your last trap and the monster leaves the zone. you pray the trap lasts long enough to give the monster time to go back in the area. Otherwise you fail the quest (or turn in the side quests only)

Some of these are my errors for sure but it's still frustrating to no end and puts in a cheesy level of difficulty. The fact that there is very little explanation on how to do anything makes creation of items and understanding basics such as trapping or weapon sharpness so much more complicated. If not for gamefaqs 'answers' section for this game I'd still be clueless on a lot of things :/

Yet I still love the game and will continue playing. The best part of this game is when you can kill the 'bosses' flawlessly (or as close to possible). The first time you fight Lagriacus or whatever its called, you're sure to take a beating and use many potions and such. But after a few times and better gear you'll find yourself trying to break all of its parts before just simply killing it - because killing him is the easy part. It really is a game where the player becomes better instead of your character getting stronger.

tldr; the difficulties of the game are outweighted by its enjoyment.
With friends like you, who needs enemies?

User Info: OnlineFailure

4 years ago#13
How is the difficulty in the game? Is it easier than Tri, is it harder than Unite, or is it somewhere between?
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User Info: teknic1200

4 years ago#14
AceProsecutor posted...
KaiserLionheart posted...
pletny of easy mode games out there, just be glad you didnt play games back on regular nintendo etc. you die game over start from the begining

Well my question is that is there any form of grinding in this game?

grinding, yes.

will it make it easier? no.
Today is the Tomorrow you were promised Yesterday

User Info: teknic1200

4 years ago#15
Relixed posted...
AceProsecutor posted...
When a monster kills me, do I have to redo a bunch of stuff or can I just jump right in and try it again?

You get three lifes. If you still fail you just some money, items you used and return to town.

And, I thought Dark Souls was pretty cheap with difficulty.

everything that is not the monster is not any challenge, if you fail you can jump right into that 50 minute timed mission of hunting the same large monster.

dark souls was an easy game, you just need to take is slow and fish enemies out one at a time. it's not cheap at all. you also saved everything if you died so you never lost anything except your progress across an extremely short path from fire to fire.
Today is the Tomorrow you were promised Yesterday

User Info: Beysus

4 years ago#16
By the way, anyone thought this thread would be about "new MH games are too easy"?


OnlineFailure posted...
How is the difficulty in the game? Is it easier than Tri, is it harder than Unite, or is it somewhere between?

In between.

User Info: hyruler461

4 years ago#17
I wanted to add to this. I never played a MH game b4 but I always wanted to. I will most definitely be getting this game and from what I see about the fights, is it just like TERA online? I remember that game had BAMs and learning there attacks was critical. I was great at that game so if its the same will I have an easier time understanding this game?

User Info: pingomalik

4 years ago#18
To sum it up.

This game series is VERY difficulty for new comers, but it gets easier the more you practice, the main challenges are rolling/diving and avoiding attacks.

And yes this game is very grind friendly, how ever you don't level up, you just grind for materials to make better weapons and armors and such.

Worth the buy in my opinion.
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User Info: Los907

4 years ago#19
AceProsecutor posted...
Basically I'm asking, can I fight really easy monsters over and over and over again to get better gear, so that the harder monsters eventually become easy?

From my experience with MH, if you changed "really easy monsters" to "easier monsters" and that last word to easier then that statement is the basis of the franchise.

User Info: MANTI5

4 years ago#20
It has a STEEP learning curve but if you stick with it many things become second nature. You will almost certainly need a guide handy for making weapons, armor, and combining. It's a lot of trial and error learning the best tactics and suppressing the urge to just go all out in attack-mode. Dodging and playing smart is very important and something that comes with practice and is helped by playing with others online. Tri was my first MH and I loved it, can't wait for this one.
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  3. The difficulty has me turned off on this game...

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