Official Monster Hunter Tri Hunt Day (January 26th)

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User Info: ssbmrocks

4 years ago#41
Woohoo, I'm contributing. (name's Solara)
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User Info: roos1046 Reborn

roos1046 Reborn
4 years ago#42
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User Info: AlpaI

4 years ago#43
So I'll start by saying we'll be doing this again for each Saturday until it loses it's momentum running up until 3u release. (And obviously we'll setup a Gamefaqs city there too)

Great job everyone in showing up I did not see a time between 1-12 where we didn't have at least double digits of people playing. Also apparently we peaked at about 24 people which is in itself impressive. I just want to say thanks to everyone who showed up and due to the huge showing and multiple PMs I've received asking for this to continue I'll keep making these topics and promoting these hunts.I can't remember a time in the last 2 years where we've had Gamefaqs city as populated and for as long, so huge props.

In closing: Thanks for making this a success and showing up and I look forward to trying to continue our momentum.


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User Info: caiserman

4 years ago#44
I moved from the UK to the US, bought a WiiU and straight away bought Tri for practice on the build up and would love to join in, but alas I'm right at the start and have nothing that could even be considered helpful yet haha
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User Info: myers4325

4 years ago#45
I'll probably try and come to the next one. The first one caught me when I had just started my new file U.u.
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User Info: funnypeoplerule

4 years ago#46
Is it still in the same place every Sat?

User Info: Doktoroktopus

4 years ago#47
funnypeoplerule posted...
Is it still in the same place every Sat?

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User Info: Wopsle

4 years ago#48
Are we doing this again today? I'm about to log on!
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