So can you play this without a WiiU?

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User Info: teknic1200

4 years ago#11
The_Darkwalker posted...
agentpheonix posted...
Okay I'm still not fully sure how the WiiU works... yes you can ply it without a U or yes you need a U to play it?

This is why Nintendo is having such a difficult time marketing the Wii U. They need to be clearer to consumers that this is a separate, unique console than the original Wii, not an upgrade or attachment like Kinect for 360. I have met a lot of people who think the Wii U is a handheld Wii because of the tablet controller. I hope they find their footing soon, otherwise the PS4 and 720 are going to eclipse people's interest in Nintendo's products.

That will come when there's more titles out. we are on the slow ramp up where TVii is going to be catching eyes when you hang out with your friends and Wii U will have a good catalog by the time the other systems come out.

All systems start out with a slow ramp up in games.. slow and steady can win the race.
Today is the Tomorrow you were promised Yesterday

User Info: Vanillascout

4 years ago#12
Alternatively, you can get a 3DS. It's roughly half the price of a Wii U (and that's compared to the Wii U basic pack). The controls are roughly the same, and if you don't like using the D-pad/touch screen for camera control, you can also get a CPP attachment (adds another circle pad on the right side and L2/R2 buttons, all of which also allows camera control).

The only downside of the 3DS version is that it lacks online multiplayer, however, event quests and arena quests can still be downloaded for free. There's no difference in content between the 2 versions, other than the Wii U's online mode (the quests are identical to the offline and 3DS quests, but balanced for multiplayer).

User Info: agentpheonix

4 years ago#13
Yeah I already have a 3DS, but I was really hoping for online play with that. I could barely crack Alatreon's horns with a party of 4 sometimes... going by myself or with one friend is going to be rough.
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