Physical Disc vs. Digital Software Pros and Cons

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User Info: d_money_man

4 years ago#1
What will you be getting? - Results (327 votes)
Physical Disc
81.35% (266 votes)
Digital Software
18.65% (61 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Both have benefits. Both have problems.
Hoping this will help me decide what to get and others who also are undecided.

Debate this if you wish to provide insight into the better choice or the the benefits of each.
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User Info: sravankb

4 years ago#2
I prefer getting a physical copy. Even though I'll be playing this game for several months from now (maybe years), I still want the option of trading it in on Amazon. The physical copy will also come with a manual, which I kinda like going through; I dunno why.

But I guess the digital version will most likely load faster by a couple seconds and plus, you'll be (I'd think) be able to play it at midnight from home (not counting the download time, of course).
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User Info: Element_Pearl

4 years ago#3
Digital. It's easy.
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User Info: d_money_man

4 years ago#4
My biggest thing is the safety of the games. Disc can get scratched or lost.
Digital is a little safer in that sense but then there is the typical software problems of corruption or incorrect downloads and such. I'm still leaning towards digital though.
3DS FC:3265-5151-9032 Wii U: Dylan
Don't you dare blame Sandy Hook on video games!!!!!

User Info: xWazManx

4 years ago#5
Knowing Nintendo or Europe and their digital download pricing, it'll probably cost more to download.
But then again, its cheaper to download in japan so maybe there is hope.
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User Info: Griznayfiznox

4 years ago#6
Digital, just because of location it will be easier & faster disk. Where I live, the only place to but games is Walmart & mine only tends to get triple A titles on release day.
But if you could install from the disk, I would probably order it offline.
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User Info: LikeaSsur

4 years ago#7
Physical copy, because I still care about box art and instruction manuals.
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User Info: flsomerv

4 years ago#8
I'm voting physical disc. I really want to do digital for a variety of reasons, but physical wins out for me.

Reasons I want digital:
1) so I don't have stacks of games in my living room <-- most important reason
-this is a problem for me because I am running out of space (I have over 80 Wii games and close to that many GC games.)
2) to not worry about damage to the disc (which I get sometimes with 5 kids in the house)
3) possibly faster
-although I remember reading somewhere that the Wii U drive is pretty fast and reliable

Reasons I want physical:
1) to eliminate the need for an external HDD <-- most important reason
-I have the deluxe Wii U, so I have some room, but I want to use that space for games that are download only (i.e. Trine 2)
2) so I can take the Wii U disc to a friend's house and play
3) no need to worry about possible data corruption during download of the game
4) no need to worry about re-downloading games lost in the event of a HDD failure
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User Info: quizmelater

4 years ago#9

I've been playing MH since it debuted on the PS2, and have been playing (and collecting) all its iteration across multiple platforms and regions (mostly, of course, JPN).

I feel somewhat like a connoisseur of rare books, and feel a sense of comfort and pride in my collection of physical copies...that I can don't even have to play, but just by picking up the case...and turning it over in my hand...then opening it up and glancing through the booklet inside...

...I relive those moments without even having to pop it into a system.

You can't have a moment like that with a digital copy...especially with a game you probably won't have around you in digital form 10 years or more from now.

When games go all digital, I will save a good deal of money...because I will probably take that opportunity to step away from the hobby (although, enjoying the games I have when the occasion arises), and pursuing a new endeavor...such as woodworking, which I find myself employed more and more often in my spare time.
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User Info: Element_Pearl

4 years ago#10
How the hell do you have 80 Wii games? I'm not sure I can name 20 Wii games worth paying for.
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