Who's actually buying both versions?

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User Info: murat8

4 years ago#21
I might at some point, but at launch im just getting a WiiU and the game

User Info: Tzuba12

4 years ago#22
Me. Gonna get the 3DS version first, then once I save up for a WiiU, I'll get that version. It'll probably be the first WiiU game I get.
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User Info: Element_Pearl

4 years ago#23
I could if I wanted to, but I really can't justify buying the same exact game on two systems. Waste of money.
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User Info: Prismsblade

4 years ago#24
DougyB posted...
I'm not, mainly because I don't take my 3DS anywhere with me. The battery life is too ass.

So I might as well just get the better version.

You could try ordering a new battery for it http://www.nyko.com/products/product-detail/?name=Power%20Grip

Doesn't have to be this fancy even

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User Info: Scurrydog

4 years ago#25
I would if we could trade rare drops between characters.

User Info: ace_two_max

4 years ago#26
Scurrydog posted...
I would if we could trade rare drops between characters.

You transfer saves.
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User Info: Jayceja

4 years ago#27
wii u at release, 3ds later when i can afford it for on the go stuff or just playing in bed

User Info: Crazyguy4005

4 years ago#28
i'm getting both versions now especially since i am getting $20 off from the amazon promotion...used some rewards points and its only costing me $37 for both
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User Info: _Shikoba_

4 years ago#29
Mainly to support the game, but also because I'd like to have one for on the go and Wii U for online. Also I went for the Amazon deal so I saved $20.
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User Info: Noni

4 years ago#30
Quote:Because a man's gotta poop and they don't have gamepad only play.

This. Very much this.
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