Bowgun nerfed?

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User Info: sockrox

4 years ago#1
Was it nerfed from P3? It really does not seem like it, but ive heard it was.

User Info: Lokarin

4 years ago#2
If it was nerfed... then IDK what, because I can't believe how much better it feels now.
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User Info: sockrox

4 years ago#3
I agree 100% it feels similar to P3 which it was very good.

User Info: MasterChief646

4 years ago#4
LBG, Blast weapons and Hammers are the weapons used for speedruns, i dont think LBG is weak. HBG isnt as overpowered as it was in Unite though, no more EAU/Evade+2/Auto Reload EZ mode, so you cant show your mad pro skillz with HBG in 3U
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User Info: sockrox

4 years ago#5
That's what I mean, aren't LBGs very very good?

User Info: bladedwraith

4 years ago#6
It was nerfed?

User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

4 years ago#7
It wasn't nerfed, not HBG anyway. HBG was given Siege Mode from P3rd, so yeah, no nerfs.

The closest thing to a nerf I can think of is the elimination of Bowgun customization. Being able to mix and match parts of a gun and having the weight of the gun determine the class. As such, Medium Bowgun was removed and it's back to the classic setup of either Light or Heavy.
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User Info: Shepard13

4 years ago#8
The LBG in the demo is terrible and doesn't represent LBG as a whole.

So long as everything more or less carried over from P3rd, the LBG is a powerhouse against anything with an elemental weakness (basically everything). Even Zinogre who didn't take much ice damage was rocked by pellet shot. Everything is magnified more if you decide to stack adren or heroics, which isn't suicidal with the range you can attack from with the LBG.

User Info: mattfrank

4 years ago#9
LBG is nerfed ,it doesn't have the same raw power as HBG and most old LBG from p3rd has lower bullet capacity in MH3U.

However,LBG also got buffed with the g-rank upgrade "limiter" at the cost of losing the "rapid fire"feature."Limiter" loads all supported bullets to a LBG and allows user to cycle through different type of shots without loading in between.

HBG was nerfed so much in p3rd,it was totally overshadowed by "LBG"and barely usable even with the "siege mode" upgrade which you have little opportunity to utilize safely.

In MH3G,Capcom simply gave the middle finger to weapon balancing by giving more bullet capacity,a lot more raw power to HBG and threw in another "Limiter",to further boost the raw power of HBG as if it is not enough.

Even though,the "limiter" comes with the cost of ability to go into"siege mode",HBG without the "limiter" would also fair much better than it was back in p3rd days as "siege mode" has been sped up considerably.

User Info: sockrox

4 years ago#10
So the limiter is bassically auto reload?

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