I just turned 20. Is 20 years old too old an age to be playing video games?

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  3. I just turned 20. Is 20 years old too old an age to be playing video games?

User Info: finchused

4 years ago#61
Since when is a hobby wasting time? Who cares what other people think anyways.

I'm 26 and I'll be gaming for the foreseeable future.
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4 years ago#62
lol playing games is like going to concerts or getting drunk ur never to old and paeople see all them as stupid hobbies so keep at it who cares
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User Info: SteadyingMeat

4 years ago#63
sec713 posted...
Phoslus posted...
wow... im only 15... face with tongue sticking out.
Though, unlike most gamers my age, I'm actually pretty mature
I'll play video games until I die super happy face

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User Info: nessonett106

4 years ago#64
23 years old here and turning 24 not that long after MH3U launch.

Gaming as much as ever. Just have to fit it in around work.
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User Info: MidgardDragon99

4 years ago#65
No age is too old to play video games. The average gamer age is closer to 30 than 20. Our generation will be playing video games well into our 60s, just like 60 year olds now happily watch TV for entertainment, something considered for children when those people were growing up.
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User Info: SwinubToupee

4 years ago#66
There are 80 year olds that play Wii Bowling every day. They're happier and healthier than their counterparts that sit and watch soap operas. Not bad for people born in the Great Depression.

It's only a matter of time until retirement homes with arcade cabinets are standard.
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User Info: Kollin6618

4 years ago#67
I'm 29, married and have 3 kids. I play video games quite a bit (though it can be a challenge from time to time). My wife, 27, also plays. Same as my father, 62, (though he only plays the Civilization series) and brother, 37.
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User Info: Lan915

4 years ago#68
AstronomerJake posted...
like throwing frisbees, going for walks, or running around in circles around a tree.

You know, I bet most of us did at least one of these things as a kid. However I do agree with the video games with a lot of grinding like MMORPGs, but it's fine if it's on a handheld because playing a laptop, DS, PSP, 3DS, or Vita is much more productive then say pretending to text other people on your smartphone or playing a sad excuse of a game on the smartphone.

User Info: Artef

4 years ago#69
ps3 bf3 has a 70 year old man that plays still, videogamers for life !
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User Info: TysonBane

4 years ago#70
26 and still playing. It's just more about balancing them round life now.
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  3. I just turned 20. Is 20 years old too old an age to be playing video games?

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