I just turned 20. Is 20 years old too old an age to be playing video games?

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  3. I just turned 20. Is 20 years old too old an age to be playing video games?

User Info: Lapanui

4 years ago#91
I turned 20 last June, 21 is just around the corner.

I live in the UK by the way, so drinking and such is legal at the age of 18 and I don't go out clubbing and such. I feel it's just not safe these days and I know I wouldn't be able to hold my own at a club and I don't drink a lot anyway.

Me and my mates have become very distant, even more so ever since I have moved. Anyone from school just weren't really close friends, never hung outside of school or anything.

I don't see why people have to stop doing something they enjoy doing because of how old they are. What's so different from being 19 than it is being 20?? If you are playing games the day before your birthday and then suddenly you decide, I'm too old to play games, is just stupid. Mentally you aren't really any different.

If you are genuinely not getting anything done during the day, maybe find another hobby along side gaming, so you aren't spending every hour playing.

I savor every moment I get when playing games, I work early in the morning for a couple of hours, I get back, mess about for a bit and prepare for studying, study for a few hours, go out at like 4:30pm, work, come back at about 7pm and by then I just get tired and fancy relaxing a bit. Hell, I sometimes don't even get time to relax, usually have to clean an animal cage out, help parents out with something or help my little sister with her homework. So by the time I have finished everything, I get like an hour or two play something. It's like this nearly every week day. When the weekend comes, sometimes I will have a whole day to chill and play something, other times I am out spending time with my family.

When I left college early, I wasn't really doing anything. I couldn't get a job because I lacked experience, so I never really had any money. I didn't know what I wanted to do, career wise, so I was sort of floating around doing little courses. Then I would spend the rest of the day playing games.

Now I have too many responsibilities, I have two part time jobs, I have to make sure I study, not for anyone else's sake, but for my sake. I got my driver's license at 18 and have recently become a taxi driver for my family...

If you are currently unemployed, aren't studying, don't have any other hobbies, then I would have to say, maybe you should find something extra to do, but don't give up a hobby completely. Get a job, earn a bit of money, responsibilities. Start learning something, it doesn't have to be for your future career (if you are planning for a career), it could be a language that you have been interested in. Take up reading, some sort of sport, lift weights, learn how to cook, etc. Do something other than gaming to break up your day, this way, you might not feel so guilty when you finally want to just sit down, relax and spend a few hours playing a game.
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User Info: chaoscontrol325

4 years ago#92
I'll keep it brief. **** no.
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User Info: RockmanAL

4 years ago#93
Do whatever you enjoy and like

there's tons of people with ages 50+ out there that has always been gaming for his/her entire life, or even they have never game'ed at all
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User Info: SpoinkRulezz

4 years ago#94
Yes, it is way too old. You clearly have no life. How can you still look at yourself in the mirror?


User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#95
AstronomerJake posted...
...playing a game like this, that has hundreds of ours of gameplay, when I could be doing other stuff outside like throwing frisbees, going for walks, or running around in circles around a tree.

And who says you can't do all that and still play games? I do all that and I still play games. It doesn't matter how old you are. You're never too old for games.
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User Info: murderinthedark

4 years ago#96
Troll topic.

Great Success!!!!!!!

User Info: Hawker44

4 years ago#97
I'm 35, most of my friends are around that age, we game more now then we did as kids.

Don't worry what people you will never know think about you, just do what makes you happy.

User Info: test_genisis

4 years ago#98
20 isnt even close to too old to be playing games
Im 20, all my friends are 19-21, we all play games very regularly and everyone i know my age does.
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User Info: CrimsonStryke28

4 years ago#99
I'm 28 years old fixing to be 29 in September and I still game, I don't believe I will ever stop either as it becomes a hobby of mines so I don't think you're too old for anything, hell I even watch Futurerama or some anime once in awhile, whatever you enjoy, that's just part of who you are, I even have some friends who are 30 that still games or enjoy some of the things that I do despise what anyone says.

User Info: hotmarx

4 years ago#100
IronticsDragonL posted...
I'll most likely be playing video games when I'm a old, crochity man. "Ahhhg, I remember, when you current kiddies first got this whole virtual reality thingie." "Back in my day, HD graphics were one of the most amazing thingies a game could hhaaaaavvve, Neaargh."

I am already a crochity old man "Back in my day,having more than one button on a controller was one of the most amazing thingiies you could have."Don't even get me started on the quantum leap from Atari to those incredible 8-bit graphics!
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