Gamepag or Wii U Pro controller?

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User Info: Kingyodel

4 years ago#1
What do you guys think, is it worth my money to get a Wii U pro controller or should i stick with the gamepad? I know it boils down to personal preference but i would like to hear from anyone who has used a pro controller what they think.
King Yodel

User Info: Utada

4 years ago#2
Pro controller is a waste of money unless you don't like the position of ZR/ZL on the Gamepad.

The way it's orientated on the Pro controller is slightly different, but that is the only difference.

The controller being wide has no bearing on it being a controller, and your hands being farther apart don't suddenly make you press the wrong buttons.
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User Info: Dusk_

4 years ago#3
Get a Wii mote and Wii ccp.

User Info: PinkestFloyd07

4 years ago#4
i like original pro because i have a system when i play monster hunter games, i need my hands to be closer together because sometimes ill use my left hand on the right stick while i attack to move the camera, and also i like the buttons to be above the joystick on the right of the controllers for OCD issues while playing.

User Info: Vandyan

4 years ago#5
Dusk_ posted...
Get a Wii mote and Wii ccp.

^ This

The Wii CCP is fantastic.
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User Info: MonkeymooXD

4 years ago#6
Personally, I find the WiiU Pro controller is the most comfortable controller I have.

User Info: Lokarin

4 years ago#7
Don't even need a Pro, even the original CC is good.
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User Info: OldDirtyCR

4 years ago#8
I vote the one that came with Tri. The Wii U pro has the analog stick to the right of the buttons.
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User Info: jkhayworth

4 years ago#9
PROTIP: Use the PRO controller. That's what imma do, and have my gamepad beside me with my menus on it. Plus if you don't already have a pro controller, it's great for zombiu multiplayer and virtual console.

User Info: pingomalik

4 years ago#10
Get the CCP

Classic controller pro.
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