Break/weakness chart?

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User Info: michaelfloodine

4 years ago#1
So I don't know where I got it but back in Tri I got a chart online that vertically listed each monster and in each column it would display stats such as breakable parts, weakness to each element and status, what element/status it can apply cut/blunt damage chart.

Was very handy if I ever had a brainfart on what to use or where to hit.

Any chance on finding one for 3U?

User Info: ShakeNBakeUK

4 years ago#2
don't think there is one up yet.
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User Info: gEiStToG

4 years ago#3
the wiki for MH has all the monsters, some still in jap but you can see pictures showing sections of bodies and damage percentages to that body part etc etc
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User Info: Steuern

4 years ago#4
The weakness charts for Tri were pretty useful and I found myself using them quite often. Hopefully a similar one is made for Ultimate soon.
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