ITT: Your most satisfying moments in MH3U.

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User Info: Argol_vazin

4 years ago#11
watching a "I am so much better then you" player triple cart against Nox after he called me a noob for carting once against Rath duo
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User Info: Rawrman15

4 years ago#12
That feeling of relief when finishing a hunt that takes over a half an hour.
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User Info: Hozama

4 years ago#13
Hitting Ivory Lag out of his charge attack into a stun.

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User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

4 years ago#14
Watching Cha Cha throw his boomerang, breaking Zinogre's Horn and difusing his charge while a raging Kayamba comes in for the kill, swinging like a maniac. Happened last night; I've never been more proud of my little guys
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User Info: Veluxier

4 years ago#15
Finishing Story Lagiacrus off with one dead on chop to the face with my axe. I knew it was the final hit before I even made the move. Felt darn good.
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User Info: Alexandrious1

4 years ago#16
whenever im with a group of hunters that actually has their head out of their ass enough to bring dung bombs, flash bombs, traps. Particularly love gunners who use sleep and para shots and makes use of bombs.

90 percent of people I play with dont even bring a god damn shock trap. Tbh im starting to get pissed off with the game.
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User Info: bezlaskez

4 years ago#17
Deviljho killing and eating my first crimson quropeco. A grudging respect between me and my old nemesis.

User Info: Duxrule

4 years ago#18
Every time I get a killing blow by delivering a LS round slash directly to the face/neck.
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