Rare Scarab

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User Info: Toku_Orochi

4 years ago#1
Erm, yeah I hate to ask this but where can I find Rare Scarabs? I hear they're in low rank volcano, and high rank tundra, is that correct?

User Info: nessonett106

4 years ago#2
I've been finding a lot in the high rank volcano harvest tour.
Can't remember when i first found them though.
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User Info: cannavaro9

4 years ago#3
Can't get them before high-rank tundra.

User Info: Toku_Orochi

4 years ago#4
Thank you very much for your quick responses guys :)

User Info: Mitigwa

4 years ago#5
cannavaro9 posted...
Can't get them before high-rank tundra.

Except low rank volcano
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User Info: valeski2236

4 years ago#6
I got mine from misty peaks.

-edit- ignore my comment, I thought you said King scarab.

User Info: skaz9000

4 years ago#7
I've read Low Rank Volcano, but I've done tons of harvest tours and never found any. Found some once I got to High Rank Volcano.

User Info: Sky-ra

4 years ago#8
in the quest "snowball fight" high rank village quest, try to weaken jade barroth so that he attempts to head to the secret zones 8 & 9. you'll follow him limping and smashing through a barricade. once thats destroyed, run with your bug nets and head to area 9 to find maybe 1-4 rare scarabs.

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