Dust of life?

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User Info: Parukia256

4 years ago#1
Just picked this item off of Moga woods hunt.

So uh, what's it for?

User Info: DesentSix

4 years ago#2
One of the designers of the game is a fan of a melodic death metal band and that's the name of one of their songs, they put it into the game as homage with no actual purpose.
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User Info: Element_Pearl

4 years ago#3
Appears to be a stronger version of Lifecrystals/Lifepowder.
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User Info: HerbalPleasure

4 years ago#4
If it was easier to get groam buds I would use dust of life more often but I only come by them 1/4 of the time I travel in mot woods at night.

Such a hassel to get anything in this game, but atleast that makes for a longer game.

User Info: IronticsDragonL

4 years ago#5
To give dust life.... Or to heal yourself. I kept mine incase I need it for something.
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User Info: MoxRavager

4 years ago#6
You can also get them by hunting C. Quropeco in Moga Woods free hunt.

I haven't used any though, saving them for G rank, how much do they heal?
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