Sgt. Frog Face / Sword Saint Piercing?

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User Info: Malurth

4 years ago#1
These helm pieces keep coming up in searches in Athena's ASS, but I can find 0 info on them. The official E-guide doesn't even mention them.

Do they even exist?
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User Info: UmiKaru

4 years ago#2
we might possibly get them as dlc, which the bradygames guide doesnt cover.

User Info: Shintaun

4 years ago#3
Wait for the quests to be released. There's so many items in that, that are event quests. Use advanced search and manually disable them for now.
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User Info: AthenaADP

4 years ago#4
Some armors are event-only, and I'm not sure which ones will be released in the English version of the game.

You can definitely still get the Sword-Saint Piercing, though. It may have been renamed; not sure.

User Info: Element_Pearl

4 years ago#5
I can guarantee you that Kerero Gunsou mask isn't going to be available in the NA version.
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