New to the series, just beat Royal Ludroth, considering going online...

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User Info: SlimeSwayze

4 years ago#1
...this would be my first time going online. I use Sword/Shield. I get the impression that new players in this game get a lot of crap if the don't follow certain "rules" or something. Any tips?
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User Info: Shintaun

4 years ago#2
If someone is telling you to do things, even questionable things. They are probably trying to give you advice so accept it on an as needed basis. You'd have to try real hard, especially as sns to piss people off. Other than carting a lot. Don't die much.
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User Info: teknic1200

4 years ago#3
nah, just go to the beginners server and play with other folks who are HR1. if you stay in rooms your level you won't hear anything.

if you join a room full of HR3&4 players they'll probably want you to leave as you cannot do the same quests.
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User Info: YHWH

4 years ago#4
Start off in the Beginners World. At the lobby with the rooms listed, press "R" to check the Hunter Rank of the host and if the room is out on quest or not. Join a HR1 room. Concentrate on upgrading weapons instead of armor. Don't mismash/mixmatch armor pieces with no idea of what you are doing. Evade, dodge, don't healing-potion-tank-it.

User Info: SlimeSwayze

4 years ago#5
Thanks for the advice. I'll stick with the low level servers. I'm interested in seeing how other folks play, and how other weapon-types are used. I also want to gather more materials to upgrade my weapons. Hopefully it works out and I can benefit some groups.
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User Info: Ketchup799

4 years ago#6
I'm new to the series as well so I thought i'd offer some advice. You can go online and play with other beginners, but i'd recommend playing solo for a while so that you can better understand the monsters and not build a reliance on other players. You are still at the very beginning of the game and some monsters in HR1 can be very hard if you don't even have a decent weapon/armor set.

If you do go online, focus on dodging and understanding monster movements. You can probably tank the easier monsters and just use a lot of potions, but you will quickly run out. You said you're interested in learning how other people/weapon types play. Try looking up videos. That's how I learned that the Great Sword should be mainly doing the lvl 3 charge attack (then quickly sheathe and do it again) and Hammer should focus on charging up and doing the super pound, only doing the triple combo when there is enough time. When just starting out, it is common to want to just keep doing quick combos as long as possible, but it isn't as efficient as other methods.
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