So, how'd you first get into Monster Hunter?

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User Info: FerusDemens

4 years ago#1
I started this just to see how other hunters came across this epic series. :D

I first learned of Monster Hunter back when I had a PS2 (this was years ago, so my memory of that day isn't perfect). I had a second disc in one of my game cases that had a bunch of different demos on it and had yet to try it.

I remember playing a few and then switching over to the trailer section of the disc. First thing that caught my eye was an aptonoth, at the time I thought it was a dinosaur of some kind, sitting at the edge of a lake, drinking some water.

Pressed the button to select it and was amazed... Never got my hands on the first game, but from that point on I was determined to get my hands on the rest. I've had almost every Monster Hunter game in the series except for the first one and now this one.

Loved every moment of playing the series, all the time my friends and I spent coming up with plans to take down our next monster, whether as part of a quest or just farming materials to help one of the others get some armor or weapon they really wanted.

My only problem is that the last two games haven't been brought to any consoles I have, so I plan to save up some money and get a Wii U, just to experience the series once again.

So, my fellow Hunters, I wish you all the best of luck on your hunts.
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User Info: Tinithor

4 years ago#2
Picked out the first MH on the PS2 as a christmas game for myself, it started off slow but then i tried online play and i've been hooked on these games ever since.

Currently 84 hours in 3U

User Info: FrozenFaust

4 years ago#3
WAY back when i was a kid i saw it in a gameinformer i still have that magazine by the way in storage lol. i had the first gen ps2 that broke :/ so i could never get it. Years later my friend got freedom i was poor so he let me play it i did everything alone but loved when i turned 16 i got my own PSP and freedom 2 unite and played them all with my best friend we 2 manned everything even all 3 fatalis :-) this game is a big part of my teenage years i picked up tri a few years ago laughed at how easy it was and still laugh at ultimate. the nintendo versions are made for kids mainly :\ i never imported p3rd and was so pissed off that frontier for the 360 was a japan only release. I also helped my current GF get her first armor set in unite we werent dating at that time. Now we started ultimate together made it HR 3 with starter gear lol. Now im about 160 hours in HR7 i dont rush this series but i laugh when i see a HR 55+ only have half the amount of my quests xD.. did this with phone sorry
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User Info: Zulfrak

4 years ago#4
I Started with MH3 on Wii.
I knew this series was selling like mad in Japan but didnt really care bout it because i had no system to play it on, so i didnt really care.
So when the Wii Version got announced i started to gather infos an what MH is all about (gamemechanics and so on) and my mind was blown.

You hunt giant monsters, have to weaken them, learn patterns and study their behaviour? Gather materials from them to build armors and weapons to kill even bigger monsters?

holy hell this is AWESOME!

so i jumped into MH3 on Wii, got hooked and played bout 120h solo.

Now we get MH3U and im already 60 hours in, Online rocks and i cant wait to see High Rank stuff.

even this game sometimes pisses me off, i cant stop playing because this game gives you such a feel of accomplishment while also dangeling the carrot in front of you for better gear and better monsters.
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User Info: Blackra56

4 years ago#5
For some reason i picked up Unite on my psp, and loved it despite how much i sucked at it as a kid, when i heard tri was being made I bought it instantly.

User Info: Petphot

4 years ago#6
Blackra56 posted...
For some reason i picked up Unite on my psp, and loved it despite how much i sucked at it as a kid, when i heard tri was being made I bought it instantly.

This for me actually. I had just gotten my PSP and was looking for games, something about its cover had caught my eye and i picked up MHFU.

At first i hated it, because i didn't understand what the hell was going on (i was an impatient idiot). Then one day about 2 years later during a power outage i was bored and could only play my handhelds, so i picked it up again and really gave it a try. This time i got hooked.
Apparently OP for his entire argument does in fact put his fingers in his ears and go "LALALALA" the entire thread. Fascinating.

User Info: jansen182

4 years ago#7
I started with MHTri. I didn't really know much about the series at all apart from the following was one of the most hardcore in video gaming. Anyway, the place I used to work at got a couple of copies in with the pro controller and I bought it primarily for the cc pro but also because it sounded quite cool. After a couple of days of non stop work I decided to try it on my day off and didn't like it at aaaall :( It just wasn't what I expected, too slow etc. I decided to give it another chance a couple of days later and really try and get into it and ooooh boy, I'm so glad I did.

I ended up putting 500 hours into Tri and I've already put 80 hours into MH3U. Needless to say I'm now a massive fan of the MH series :D

User Info: CanadianShadow

4 years ago#8
Group of friends twisted my arm in to getting it on the ps2 so we could all play together , crack would have been a easier habit to break.
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User Info: Neo_Heartless

4 years ago#9
I missed Monster Hunter on the PS2. Was it a demo with DMC2? I think we missed that one.

Anyway, a few years ago before Tri, I knew a friend who played Freedom Unite on the PSP. It looked interesting, and I read up on it a little. When Tri came out... I was considering it, but I wasn't fully sure. I had went into town on the day it came out and in the GAME store they had the Special Edition with the Classic Controller Pro, Wii Speak and the Lagi statue. I bought it purely on impulse, and never have I been so glad I went with my gut. I got Months of enjoyment out of playing it and I enjoyed it so much I got myself a PSP to play Freedom Unite and Portable 3rd.

Now I'm enjoying 3U on 3DS and WiiU.
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User Info: frostee-uk

4 years ago#10
blogfaqs mode: ACTIVATED!

To be totally honest I downloaded a pirate version on my old PSP, I didn't know much about MH apart from that I knew it was once of those quirky Japanese style games. I ended up falling in love with the game so I bought a real copy.

I also ended up making a collection of all the MH games released in the West starting from MH on the PS2, which I played for a few hours and was surprised to see how similar it was from the later versions. When Tri was released on the wii it was a day 1 purchase and I ended up spending 400 hours and many sleepless nights with it.

The WiiU version is like a dream come true for me as I've always dreamed about a HD monster hunter game. Even though I'm only scratching the surface of MH3U, MH4 is already my next most anticipated game, I just pray they will give us a western release.

It saddens me greatly that this franchise is not doing so well sales wise in western territories, I've been so utterly jealous of the Japanese folks as we never got translations for portable third or the PS3 HD remake.
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