Thinking about playing me some SnS

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User Info: sejan12

4 years ago#1
I've been playing through using status bow up to HR7. Now I'm thinking about picking up a melee weapon for some added variety. My current thoughts are elemental SnS. I never see anyone else using SnS, so I think it would be fun to use an otherwise neglected weapon.

That said, anyone have any good tips for getting into sword and shield?

User Info: ninjaraui

4 years ago#2
stay glued to the monster, learn to evade attacks, do not use hit and run on a monster, otherwise you will never do much damage. ALways bring the right element, and when online, it may be better to go status sns so that eveyrone can wail on the thing when it is paralyzed for the third time.

User Info: Newts_Ute

4 years ago#3
NEVER use the shield combo in multi player. Lead your combo with either a jump slash if you're making up distance (X+A) or an uppercut (R+X) if you're stationary. Then after the two hit (X) combo switch to the (A) combo for another two hits, then (A) again for the round slash.

If you tilt the stick while using the (A) combos you will go in to a shield bash which is very disruptive.
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