I"ll be playing soon!!

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User Info: Kumra1

4 years ago#1
well got the game and getting my Wii-u at somepoint today I"ll be on in the next 14-15 hours, and i am skipping the story, since i have mercilessly beaten tri.
and am going straight to online.
how well will I be received by other players?
PSN: Nazara_Usena

User Info: Keba_Bloodmoon

4 years ago#2
i am gettin gmy own wii-u as wel soon and i am wondering the same thing. i know i am a expert hunter having killed white fatalis on freedom unite. Hopefully i wont encounter any trolls.
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User Info: Lioleia

4 years ago#3
You'll likely to be told to at play a bit of offline first.

Even if you've played Tri, it's still good to unlock the farm before you dive into online.
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User Info: bloodthirstfury

4 years ago#4
Good luck
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User Info: AkibaChaos

4 years ago#5
Well, considering we just got cross-region play it's a whole new ballgame. Other than that, randoms are hit and miss. Some are okay, some are terrible, and some are really cool guys.
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User Info: AdaptBlade_Kxm

4 years ago#6
Atleast gather some iron / etc to get that first upgrades to green for your own sake.
I cant stand bouncing myself, and people wont be annoyed at you doing it.

Plus faster times for little work, its a win win.
Don't see you being ill recieved since you know what ur doing having beatin tri.
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User Info: Kumra1

4 years ago#7
just have to survive a 12 hour shift at work and i am home free for some good old monster hunting!
PSN: Nazara_Usena
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