exquisite meat

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User Info: diablos32

4 years ago#1
Where can I find exquisite meat, I need 2 for Cha chas mask and have no idea how to get it. Is it something from free hunt?

User Info: Beefbud

4 years ago#2
it's an egg-delivering low rank event quest (meaning DLC) in port tanzia. just download it from the dlc menu

User Info: nessonett106

4 years ago#3
Egg delivery event quest.
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User Info: diablos32

4 years ago#4
Ok, I have it downloaded, thanks

User Info: diablos32

4 years ago#5
Does anyone also happen to know where to find bomb sacs? I should have asked that in my initial question as well

User Info: gnerdus

4 years ago#6
You carve them from Jellyfish in the Moga woods. It has a 20% carve rate.

User Info: diablos32

4 years ago#7
Thanks to everyone who helped

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