Skill recommendations for Yamato Prime

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User Info: Keldonis

4 years ago#1
Finally got this set made, and I'm curious as what mixed/charm/gem combinations are generally regarded as best.

Weapons are primarily Dual Blades and Hammer, but I use pretty much everything.

As you probably already know, Prime comes with

Health +50
Razor Sharp
Short Sprinter

8 Slots.

Should I gem in Evade dist? Evade +1? HGE?

Advice welcomed.
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User Info: __Ryoki__

4 years ago#2
Really depends. I was lucky enough to get two of Table 6's best charms, and I have 4 different set ups using these two charms:

Hearing+4 Bomb Boost+10


Guard+4 Expert +10

along with a basic hearing +5 charm

With it, the four sets I alternate with depending on the situation are:

Critical Eye+3
Razor Sharp
Critical Eye +2
Razor Sharp
(with one slot Dios weapons like Gunlance/hammer)
Razor Sharp
Razor Sharp
(With any slotted weapon, doesnt require a slot with a +6 hearing charm or better).

Earplugs is always great, and Expert is just more damage, which is nice.
My suggestion though is to review all your charms, and pick one that you can benefit the most from, then work from there. With 8 slots the sky is the limit.

EDIT: You use hammer like me, and dual swords, both which drain stamina for attacks. It's imperative that you gem away Short Sprinter. Only takes one slot, of course.
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User Info: The_LuXx

4 years ago#3
I like to think evade +1 is a pre-requisite for almost any good DS set.

User Info: ShakeNBakeUK

4 years ago#4
yeah, you can't really go wrong with Evade
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User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

4 years ago#5
My Yamato Prime has Health +20, Sharpness +1, Razor Sharp, and Evasion +2, works quite well for DS/SNS/LS/SAX.

I have it gemmed and registered for several set combinations as well, like for Lancing it has Guard +2, or if I'm fighting Jhen / Miralis or any enemy that Evasion doesn't work well against, I've got Attack Up Large.
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