Playing SOLO old school style

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User Info: AlastarII

4 years ago#11
I do it all the time to make sure I'm still on my game like I was with the first game on PS2. I solo'd Dos all the way to the end, but you're talking about ranged weapons so that doesn't mean much.

As for the little idiots, I tend to bring them, especially with one of them in the Meylnx mask. Last time I fought Alatreon he stole a gem. I could have kissed him on the mouth.
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User Info: ShakeNBakeUK

4 years ago#12
If the monster only has you to focus, then yeah it is going to be easier to predict it's moves, but there are a lot fewer windows of opportunity for you to attack, and you're gonna be getting hit a lot more often than in multiplayer, plus the monster is going to take longer to kill than in multiplayer, so running out of healing items becomes a genuine problem :S

And yeah I seriously don't know how you are supposed to gun solo, maybe my aiming is just slow as **** XD
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