Is there a reason to keep playing?

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User Info: MBBDarigon

4 years ago#1
I really enjoyed tri and I have 3U but it feels to same. How long until I meet new stuff? how many new weapon branches are there? I feel like its "been there, done that"
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User Info: Taladashar

4 years ago#2
Around 2 or 3* village is when you start to fight a few new monsters, though most of em are found in HR village/nonlinear.

The biggest new paths are found in the Switch axe class, as you can now get them right at the start.

there are new paths for each weapon though.
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User Info: SMT_Masochist

4 years ago#3
New monsters like Dios and Zin will wow you when you get there. Once you hit G, you'll be able to upgrade weapons past their Tri cap levels. Other than that, yeah it's more of the same. I'm at about the same hours put in here compared to Tri (200 ish) and I think it's time to take a break.
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  3. Is there a reason to keep playing?

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