What is most satisfying to you?

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User Info: firefoxred

4 years ago#1
If be slaying a monster solo or simply collecting every piece of gear (armor and all weapons) from a monster or perhaps saving a member from carting with a quick rush in shield block.

To me it has to be making a new mixed armor set with the skills I want without the aid of the Athena program. I have looked around it a bit but find it more fun to actually add and tinker with the armors and gems. Just a few minutes ago I made a new set for my bowgun and I just started to laugh from excitement it tickled me so. XD
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User Info: The_Emperess

4 years ago#2
I love cutting tails off. I seriously hate the tails of all monsters on this game, as they're always smacking me around and tripping me up, so it's intensely satisfying to lop one off and carve a goody from it.

User Info: XxRiSoNxX

4 years ago#3
Getting at least 1 other competent player in public games online. ;)

Always run with my brother and it seems to be very hit or miss, when you do manage to get 1-2 others that mesh well the game is very entertaining...

Beyond that, I think simply doing most of the G-Rank as a duo, outside of a few like goldbeard or jhen.
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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

4 years ago#4
Soloing very difficult monsters
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User Info: Winsage

4 years ago#5
Fighting a strong monster and making a really good mixed set.
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User Info: CGoblins

4 years ago#6
I'm fairly new to the game... I did a level 3 village quest against this flying wyvern that clicks it's wing tips together and does this fire attack. It also calls other large monsters...

I killed them both in the same area first try with only 5 minutes left on the clock.. Man it made me feel good.
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User Info: IHateMrCats

4 years ago#7
That moment when you meet a new monster and as time goes on you begin to learn it's moveset as well as it's patterns. Looking back on how you handled situations then and now and seeing how much you've improved as a player is what is satisfying to me. Every time i fight a Rathalos i always remember the egg carrying quest in the first game for instance.
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User Info: OneLightOneDark

4 years ago#8
Successful super pound to the face and getting a dizzy.

User Info: SnakemanXX

4 years ago#9
Killing those black cats after they steal my Potions.

User Info: what_is_my_name

4 years ago#10
That sound when you break parts.
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