kelbi bow turned me off.(not trolling)

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  3. kelbi bow turned me off.(not trolling)

User Info: linklyons

4 years ago#41
Well this escalated quickly.

User Info: teknic1200

4 years ago#42
lol, I've played 165 hours and the kelbi bow doesn't break the game. things die no faster when there's kelbi bows around.

if anything it helps balance the truely awful players you will get teamed with from time to time.
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User Info: ih0tfirei

4 years ago#43
I don't about you guys but from my experience, the level 1 spam is horrible with the kelbi bow. Unless your playing in a party with more than 1 KB user, charge shots are a lot better. I keep reading on these forums that "you should only spam level 1" so I tested.

Against event I.lagi solo with 1 sleep bomb

Spamming only level 1 shots(at weak point when able)- went down with around 6-7 minutes remaining

Using focus and level 3 charge shots(weak points when able)- a little over 30 minutes.

That's a huge difference and I'm not the best bow user, its my secondary weapon.
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User Info: InuSan3o19o

4 years ago#44
Hey Linklyons! I have you on my Wii U friend list!

Cattleist here. How's it going?
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User Info: Lokarin

4 years ago#45
My Kelbi bow involves using Focus and "spamming" the level 2 charge, unless the enemy rotates, then I upgrade to level 3 and roll.
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User Info: sejan12

4 years ago#46
In my experience, Kelbi bow can be OP, but when you use it as such, it actively makes you worse at the game. Kelbi bow players tend to take a lot more hits because spamming the attack button makes it harder to dodge (considering that you can roll out of a charge for last second dodging.)

Its good at applying statuses because it can use every coating, but it isn't good at applying anything but slime (don't ever use the slime coatings though, considering that they apply slime slower than the bow does when awakened). It is not, however, great at applying any specific status. If your goal is paralysis, then use one of the bug bows with their para bonus.

Compared to the G Rank elemental bows, the Kelbi Bow is a little weak damage wise, but is more likely to cause flinches with its explosions. Personally, I tend to not use it unless I'm running something I want to be able to slide through with minimal effort (read LR and HR grinding). Considering that it takes more slime to explode a G Rank monster, it loses a big chunk of its power after G Rank begins.

Honestly, I mostly stick to other bows. I like them and they like me. Also, I have an awesome Expert Evade Distance charm that works wonders with the Green Nargacuga set so I don't run awaken at all any more.

User Info: linklyons

4 years ago#47
InuSan3o19o posted...
Hey Linklyons! I have you on my Wii U friend list!

Cattleist here. How's it going?

Hey buddy :) have the girlfriend over so I hadn't been online much for obvious reasons. Should be around late tonight though! Been on my 3ds soloing stuff, wanting to pick up a bow but it's been a hard choice. Need to figure out what bow to make first, I can even make a narga bow.
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  3. kelbi bow turned me off.(not trolling)

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