Long/Large Fragments?

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User Info: cynicalsaint

4 years ago#11
CODwiiiVIP123 posted...
cynicalsaint posted...
I've never really bothered with the 2* area and I never seem to get the chance to go to the 4*

Is there any trick to getting the Pirate's Tomb to come up more often?

Doing the kelbi horn quest and delivering two kelbi horns right away as the quest starts moves the days along and you get two kelbi horns in the rewards so you can do this an infinite ammount of times.

As for the pirates tomb, you need to have at least one of the boats fully upgraded (I recommend you upgrade them all first). Sometimes one of the boats will have an extra star (4 stars) for one day and thats when you send them out to pirates tomb but before you do, save on that day and then send the boat out then do the kelbi horn quest 6 times without saving and check the haul, if you didn't get a long fragment, reset and send out the boat again to the pirate's tomb until you get 1, continue to do this and you'll get the 3 long fragments you need

I must warn you this is pretty tedious and can really wear you down after awhile but its the fastest way to get long fragments.

I've had my fleet upgraded all the way for awhile ... guess its going to be a long boring night more me.

Oh well at least I have Netflix
If all else fails, use fire.
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