Worst online for years

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User Info: MadDewg

4 years ago#31
MMaestro posted...
stekim40 posted...
defacto00 posted...
It's your router.

Just get a new one, you can get one pretty cheap.

I know you have two. It's both of them. Trust me.

Yeah sure both the Belkin and the Netgear are faulty. Riiiiight
Of course they both work with the pc, xbox and ps3 but yeah it's them rather than Nintendo or capcom.

Love these fanboys, seriously.

Its the routers. Get over it.

This pretty much, the Wii U is just extremely picky with wireless routers. I have a d-link (model DIR-628, bought in 2009) that works fine for everything I own (pc, ps2, ps3, cell phone, 3ds, psp, 360, and wii) yet it completely borks when I tried playing this game online, (frequent dcs).

Before I bought nintendo's official lan adapter, I tried doing what this capcom-unity guy posted and it worked for me (yet this didn't work at all for my brother's wii u, his room is farther away from the router than mine, which makes me think that the range for the wii u's wireless screws up with older routers the most):


For me, I found that routers with 300n capabilities do not play nice with the Wii U (in my experience). You see, for a throughput speed of 300 Mbps, your router uses two channels such as 11+7, 1+5, 13+9, etc... What I did was set the frequency to 20mhz (instead of 40mhz), effectively setting the maximum throughput to 150 Mbps which enabled me to run channel 11 only. This has fixed Wii U connectivity to my router and everything is stable as a rock.

If this doesn't work for you, than the only thing I can think of is to buy a wii lan adapter and a 50 or 100 ft. ethernet cord if needed, play off a wired connection. If even that doesn't work, then you may need a newer model router.
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User Info: IloveElite

4 years ago#32
Sorry but a lot of people on here are talking out of their backsides.

I have a Belkin router (model:F5D836uk4a) and I can play MH3U online just fine.

So the 'buy a new router' advice is bad advice at best and pure lies at worst.

I put the wii u in the DMZ and turned off the built-in firewall.

Since then its worked fine. try that.

as for the blind fanboys, (all your routers are crap, buy nintendo approved, fools)
just ignore them.
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User Info: Michele68

4 years ago#33
I have the same problem trying to get online the same error code everthing but my router is Linkseys.
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User Info: Brokenseraph

4 years ago#34
ITT: It is Nintendo's fault and they suck when everything else works fine online except for MH3U! It's not like Capcom was being lazy by making a port of a port of a port, while still fun, did not add much to the online features at all.

User Info: Falmung

4 years ago#35
I'm using a Asus RTN16 with Tomato Firmware. Works perfectly. Can join every room and host without any disconnects. However during the first week before the server upgrades the game was disconnecting like crazy and unable to join games.

The servers seem to be working fine as I'm playing all the way from Puerto Rico. I'd agree that there must be definitely something going on between your router and your Wii U. I had a router before provided by my ISP and while I could connect fine with my PS3 and Xbox I always had a closed NAT. Not even DMZ would get me a open NAT. Some routers simply don't play nice with other devices.

User Info: redkrank1

4 years ago#36
I found threads telling you exactly how to config your setting on Nintendo site.
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