Lrg Wyvern Gems

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User Info: EmptyStar12

4 years ago#1
You get these from HR Jaggis/ Baggis/ Wroggis, right?
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User Info: MonkeymooXD

4 years ago#2
G-Rank Peco, Ludroth etc. Anything which doesn't give its own gem.

User Info: Jak_g

4 years ago#3
Bird wyvern gems come from Jaggi and those others.
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User Info: ShadowMaster684

4 years ago#4
Plesioth seems to have a pretty nice drop rate for the wyvern gems.
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User Info: Exsilium1

4 years ago#5

Are you talking about Large Wyvern Stones or Fey Wyvern Gems?

Fey Wyvern Gems are from Great Jaggi/Baggi/Wroggi etc..

Large Wyvern Stones are from most wyverns..I find the best to get them from is Diablos and Plesioth.
Like Zinogre?

User Info: Winsage

4 years ago#6
Large wyvern stones come from various large monsters.

Plesioth is best for them.
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User Info: Shyvana

4 years ago#7
LRG Wyvern Gems are from G. Rank. Kill stuff like what the second poster said.

Using Athena's dex thingy, it says you have a higher chance in carving it directly from Green Plesioth in 'The Green Flash' quest.
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User Info: EmptyStar12

4 years ago#8
I hunted like 5 G. Plesioths, and not a singe drop.
It's gonna take a while.

Thanks for the answer!
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User Info: Gaiji

4 years ago#9
I had better luck doing [Advanced] Breaking the Ice, 2 Glacial Agnaktors.

Got the 6 or so I needed running that on and off for two or three days, before evening knowing G.Plessy has a better percentage.

User Info: dexter1984

4 years ago#10
Do the advanced quest for triple Barioth or Plesioth. They drop like crazy.

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