Dual Sword Armor and Weapon help

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User Info: sinnistral

4 years ago#1
Hey, I am new to the MH series, and I just reached G rank, but I am confused on what would be the best weapon and armor choices to most efficiently hunt bosses. I am currently using Dios+ and an early handicraft and bombadier G rank set.

Using handicraft boosts my blue sharpness to white and increases damage by 0.12, but I am curious how this number compares with skills such as AuS, AuM, and AuL? Also, how does raw and elemental damage calculated?

E.g., does 300 raw and 200 ele translate into 500 damage? and 400 raw, 200 ele, into 600 damage?

What skills do you guys think I should prioritize as a dual blade user? I am currently farming G. Ceadeus for the Selene Z set. I place great importance on min maxing and wearing equipment that looks great. My current set up looks horrible :X

Please help a newbie out and thank you ^^

User Info: OldDirtyCR

4 years ago#2
I'll answer your Ele questions. In previous games elemental was roughly 8-10 elemental = 1 raw. The damage equation literally divided the element value of your weapon by 10.

1 Raw is always going to be better than 1 element. But fast weapons take advantage of element better than slow weapons because element damage doesn't change depending on the weapon (like raw does). So for something like dual swords element is actually really important.

So, no, 300 raw + 200 ele does not equal 500 damage. It would probably be a couple dozen at best. Your Attack value gets chipped away by several factors in order to come up with a final damage value. Even a 1000+ raw GS isn't going to do anywhere near that in damage.
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User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

4 years ago#3
Selene Z is probably your best bet for Armour, coupled with either a Sharpness (the Razor Sharp skill) +1 Talisman at least, or swapping out Selene Z Coil with Selene X Coil, but be warned, the set will look slightly mismatched.

Later, you could upgrade to Hyuga Prime (Hallowed Jhen Armour) for Sharpness +1 and Razor Sharp, and the set comes with plenty of slots to gem in anything else. For Dual Blades I would suggest trying for Evasion +1 on both Selene and Hyuga.

The Dual Blades set I'm currently running is mixed and has Honed Blade (Sharpness +1 / AUL), Razor Sharp, Evasion +1. Uses:

Nargacuga Helm Z
Silver Solmail
Nether Vambraces
Nether Faulds
Nether Greaves
Edgemaster +3 Talisman
PSN and NNID: CrimsonSamuraiX
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