Mh3u for wiiU.

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User Info: Munchie906

4 years ago#11
tehhead posted...
There is no chat board in the lounge (guild) & in quest?
Wow, really? No keyboard support?

There's keyboard support, you can also use the gamepad to type. From my experience most people use that anyways instead of mic chat.

User Info: Holy_forks

4 years ago#12
Neko_Means_Cat posted...
-Well, It's the same as the 3ds but you can play with more people and it's fun.

-You can't communicate with people but still.

-And to play with others and hunt certain monster, you have to make a specific room specifying what monster, and what weapon to use.

-You can also get banned if you get reported.
The worst that can happen is someone blocks you. There hasnt been any reported instances of hacking so trolls or abusive people get blocked, not banned.

MH3U/NNID : Holyfork Hr:100+

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