Thinking of giving up playing Monster Hunter :*(

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User Info: TruePowerSeeker

4 years ago#31
The_tall_midget posted...
Wow. Lots of wound licking and delusional comments here.

"I rather play with noobs than elitists!"

And then they come back on the board and cry they can't finish their quests because people suck. LOL.

Well honestly if someone can't solo a quest then they have no reason to blame others. Multiple players should be seen as an easier way to do things, not the only way. The second someone blames others they might as well have just claimed they are perfect.

I understand that not everyone is great at the game but that just means you need to practice more and do it solo if you truly believe other players are at fault.

However none of that changes that people shouldn't be elitist jerks to new players. It is the job of veteran players to teach the newcomers how to do well without some stupid gimmick or trick. Actually give them tips they can apply in game to how they use their weapon of choice and guide them to what skills they should look into using. Not just saying use ____ or you suck.

It is the only way this community will grow. I honestly don't remember the community being this hostile back in the MHFU days. It seems that since Tri the games have started to attract people that gain bloated egos.

User Info: CBoy559

4 years ago#32
Don't get mad at the elites we worked hard to get our levels. They shouldn't be mean about it but, they still shouldn't be called "asses" its just insulting.

User Info: Krazoa2

4 years ago#33
apolloflameowns posted...
Disregarding the people that give actual advice and calling them asses and then praise the ones giving you crappy advice that are more user friendly?

I hope you're not implying you gave good advice.
I don't even read -YouStillHateMe

User Info: Holy_forks

4 years ago#34
Sounds like your problem is with Gfaqs MH boards and not with the actual game. Im almost 1k hours in and ive met exactly 5 elitists. Get off gamefaqs, use MHwiki for your questions and miiverse for your comments or whatever.

IMO both you and Gfaqs would benefit from that deal.

Unless you only play in "specialty" rooms (abylagi, 4point, alaG, etc) you wont run into any elitists. Normal jerks are everywhere though but that's part of the internet, not the community.
MH3U/NNID : Holyfork Hr:100+

User Info: hansonchueh

4 years ago#35
Best advice:

1. Don't get hit.
2. Hit it until it dies.
3. Enjoy the process and the rewards.

Nothing else matters.
Est Sularus oth Mithas.

User Info: MyNamePeggy

4 years ago#36
Some pretty sound advice in several of these replies. I accepted it and took it all in. I realize now I should have never made this thread in the first place. Instead the correct thing to do was just stay quiet, seek help elsewhere and continue playing the game. I'm sorry for stirring up drama.

For the positive people here you'll be happy to know that I took your advice though. I didn't give up playing and made it to HR7 early this morning. I was dog tired in the we hours of the morning, but was motivated and determined.

If anything I've learned some lessons here at least. Don't let others steal your joy away, don't be a crybaby, don't stir up drama, don't stop doing something you enjoy and never give up. ^_^

User Info: Zel13

4 years ago#37
Man...people sure are soft thee days. Giving up a game based on what people said on a message board. Really?


4 years ago#38
Don't mind the negative jackasses on here. Gamefaqs has been full of them for years. Just go at your own pace and play with people you like. It's your game, you can play it any way you want.
3DS FC 4682-8465-2907

User Info: Jax0349

4 years ago#39
PokemonYoutube posted...
Falchionne posted...
Wasn't the Jax dude recently kicked out of a 4 point room for not knowing how to crouch fire? He's an elite now?

He sure thinks he is.

When in the heck did I ever proclaim to be an Elite? She formed her own opinion on that. I'm just the opposite. Your right I did get kicked out of a 4 point room. I can't use a HBG. Does that sound like an Elite to you? I didn't think so. I'm just an average player at best who jokes around allot and have found myself trolling a bit.

I've farmed the best equipment and weapons in the game, have killed every monster melee and my HR is in the triple digits. I'm certainly no Elite though. I kinda suck actually if you want to know the honest truth.

Peggy, please don't feel bad about anything I may have said. I'm no better player than you are.

User Info: tiffinthedog

4 years ago#40
Dear TC: Play how you want. Enjoy the game, don't ruin it for others. Take advice, ignore unjustified criticism.

Dear Apollo: Shut up. I could say more, but people who ruin the game for others because you think you are better than them are below even the newbs (notice I'm not calling them noobs). HR and kill times don't really matter if you enjoy the game.

I'm new to the series as well. Just cause I am HR 5 and take 20 minutes to kill zinogre doen't mean I will be bossed around by so called 'elitists'.
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