Best way to charm snipe timeworm charms?.

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User Info: fatpolomanjr

4 years ago#11
ZeroUnderOne posted...
Oh nice dude!

Use the linear regression to log you rng numbers and calculate the optimal final cart time.

Lol, I thought you were being facetious but then I saw your link to find that you're serious! Very nice guide. I don't plan on ever charm sniping again, but here is my data log for sniping my Sharpness+3 000 talisman:

Sharpness+3 000 2367

90s (Final Cart 48:30, first cart 49:29)
2269 2329 2279

100s (Final Cart 48:20, first cart 49:20)
2363 2379 2346 2338 2332 2357 2347 2363 2353 2353 2362 2344 2350 2350 2338 2378 2328 2369 2380 2349 2355 **2367**

110s (Final Cart 48:10, first cart 49:20)
2376 2377 2368 2424 2376 2344 2394 2365 2344 2333 2371 2370 2351 2335 2349 2373 2387 2341 2341 2354 2350 2424 2376

The RN clock ticks faster in the secret area room, so I found that varying my first cart times changed the RN of the final talismans more than varying my Final Cart times in Area 1. My data log should express that consistency. However, I do believe it is best to establish an optimal Final Cart time, either via linear regression or just plain data sampling like what I do, but only after you have fixed your first cart time.
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User Info: BadAssBancho

4 years ago#12
Well it took 3 days but i finally got it :)
really hope someone comes up with a better way to do this though
charm sniping timeworn charms is just too brutal...
The wheel of fate is turning
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