Would you rather have a map without airlocks?

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User Info: SolidKnight

4 years ago#1
I'm curious why they haven't dropped the sub-divided map design yet.

User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#2
Those need to go. I am sick of getting knocked out the screen by a monster or a monster being out the screen yet not moving to the next example after a charge or tripping.

User Info: PhoenixWroggi

4 years ago#3
No, I prefer this. With the "airlocks" you create the illusion that the map is huge and it just skips some of the boring walking. Without the airlocks the map would become tiny. Try to imagine the Deserted Island without the airlocks. How would all those diverse areas fit into a single continuous map without it seemingly like the island is tiny and stupid?
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User Info: UlNin

4 years ago#4
Minimize the amount of chasing. Different areas allow for very different hunting experiences, with variety in environment and mechanics. It feels very Monster Hunter to have to learn things like where to setup the trap/barrel bombs when a monster zones in and which area it's likely to go to when it zones out.

It's not like there aren't single area hunting grounds like the Tower or Arenas or Sacred Land or Forbidden Sea.
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User Info: Sunshinelady

4 years ago#6
They need to keep the zones but ensure the monsters are not able to cross into areas that you normally cannot enter. And this includes dying as well.

Why they kept in this stupidity of design (monsters dying on areas you cannot reach to carve them) is beyond me.
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User Info: Kyoshiro12345

4 years ago#7
it has worked for 9 years, dont change it.
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User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

4 years ago#8
The "airlocks" should stay, but there should be a slight change in the system. You shouldn't automatically move between sectors by getting too close to the exits (or being launched at them); you should have to press a button, preferably one that isn't used for something else.

This would put an end to some of the annoying things that happen, like drooling monsters camping out near exits, being unable to carve because the monster died too close to the exit, and so on.
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User Info: SolidKnight

4 years ago#9
The thing is, they now have the power to make the map seamless so everything could behave the same way except you no longer need to load. Further, you no longer can exploit switching areas to be safe as well.

User Info: NidoDarius

4 years ago#10
It's fine, get over it. Don't fight near the borders.
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